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Design Tools

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry, with its symmetrical lines and divine proportions, has long been regarded as a language through which the universe communicates its intricate design. As artists, tattooers have emb...

Design Tools

Why Every Tattoo Artist is Using Procreate

Digital Design in the Tattoo Industry In the world of tattoo artistry, the rise of digital design has been nothing short of revolutionary. From traditional sketching methods to contemporary softwa...

Design Tools


The art of tattooing goes beyond merely inking the skin. It's about creating a lasting impression that connects with the person wearing the tattoo and those who see it. Understanding visual hierarc...

Design Tools Human Canvases for Tattoo Mockups

Human Canvases for Tattoo Mockups

Tattoo Smart has created 3 different sets of human body part templates to help you create design mockups. You can find BODY SHOTS and PROTOPLAST in our flash stamp collection, and MODEL HUMANS are ...

Design Tools

Model Humans Tutorials

So you've purchased Model Humans and you don't know what to do? You can download your files into Procreate, but then what? Never fear! Tattoo Smart has your back with these quick tutorial vide...

Design Tools

Coastlines by Mike Stockings

Coastlines by Mike Stockings is a collection of 100 seaside flash stamps for Procreate, including creatures and objects from sharks and fish to crustaceans and jellyfish.     Expanding our neo-t...

Design Tools

Which iPad Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions we get here at Tattoo Smart is, “Which iPad should I buy?” And we get it. It can be intimidating to make the leap from good ol’ paper to digital. It’s a big invest...

Digital Design Tools for the Tattooing Professional