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Design Tools

Model Humans: Advanced 3D Body Parts

Introducing the ultimate collection for tattoo artists and designers - Model Humans: Advanced 3D Body Parts. This meticulously crafted set includes 36 high-quality 3D models, featuring 18 male and ...

Design Tools

Perfectly Complex Tattoos: Geometric Style

Geometric sleeve by Corey Ferguson. Geometric tattoo designs are distinguished by their precise lines and shapes that form patterns often inspired by nature, mathematics, and different cultures. T...

Design Tools

Lettering Tattoos: Mark Your Words

'The Path Forward' tattoo by B.J. Betts. Renowned for its versatility, lettering allows each tattoo to carry a unique touch, tailored specifically to the wearer's intent or sentiment. Whether you'r...

Artist Feature

Mike Stockings

A Master of Neotraditional Tattoos In the ever-evolving world of styles, neotraditional tattoos have earned a permanent niche with their vibrant colors and intricate designs that blend modern aest...

Design Tools

The Blooming Popularity of Floral Tattoos

Art Deco floral chest piece by Cortney Norton.  Floral tattoos are a timeless choice, embodying elegance, growth, and the cycle of life. Whether you're considering a delicate blossom or a bold flo...

Design Tools

Modern Meets Classic: Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Understanding Neo-Traditional Tattoos  Neo-traditional crow and sunflower by Matt Truiano.  Neo-traditional tattoos are renowned for their dynamic use of color and intricate designs, offering a mo...

Design Tools

FREE Procreate Course by Russ Abbott

Tattoo Smart flash stamps, brushes, toolkits, references, and 3D models are primarily made for Procreate, a digital illustration app for the iPad. To help you learn more about Procreate and get the...

Digital Design Tools for the Tattooing Professional