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Lettering Tattoos: Mark Your Words

Lettering Tattoos: Mark Your Words

'The Path Forward' tattoo by B.J. Betts.

Renowned for its versatility, lettering allows each tattoo to carry a unique touch, tailored specifically to the wearer's intent or sentiment.

Whether you're thinking about your first tattoo or looking to add a special piece to your collection, understanding lettering tattoo styles, techniques, and popular designs can guide your decision.

What are Lettering Tattoos?

Lettering tattoos involve the use of words, phrases, or numbers in various fonts and styles inked onto the skin. From classic fonts to custom hand-drawn styles, these tattoos transform simple words into stunning artwork.

Styles and Techniques

  • Classic Fonts: For those who appreciate traditional aesthetics, classic fonts like serif or Gothic script can be a perfect choice. They bring an element of sophistication and timelessness.

    No app needed, you can caption yourself in real life. Log off!

    'Trust No One' tattoo featuring various classic fonts by B.J. Betts.

  • Modern Calligraphy: Incorporating flowy, dynamic strokes, modern calligraphy adds a contemporary twist to the classic script, ideal for personal quotes or meaningful words.

    Big in chicano style!

    'Reckless' modern calligraphy tattoo by Josh Tucker.

  • Dark Lettering Style: Vibrant and edgy, dark lettering tattoos reflect an unapologetic, loud vibe that is perfect for making a bold statement.

'Nervous' dark lettering tattoo by Josh Tucker.

Design Ideas and Inspiration

  • Names and Quotes: Personalize your tattoo with names of loved ones or inspirational quotes that resonate with your life philosophy.

    'Ashlyn' name tattoo by Big Meas.

  • Literary References: For the book lovers, snippets from your favorite books or poems can become a permanent tribute on your skin.

    Tattoo of a quote from Sarah Williams' poem, ​'The Old Astronomer to His Pupil' by Josh Tucker.

  • Numerical Tattoos: Commemorate significant dates or numbers with stylish fonts that add a narrative to your body art.

'94' numerical tattoo by B.J. Betts.

Resources for Artists and Clients

Tattoo Smart offers extensive resources for those interested in lettering tattoos. From detailed tutorials on techniques to a variety thoughtful tools, the platform helps tattoo artists and clients get on the same page.

Lettering Tattoo Alphabet

Understanding the tattoo alphabet is crucial for both tattoo artists and clients. This alphabet consists of unique characters and symbols designed specifically for tattoo work, offering a myriad of possibilities for custom tattoo designs.

Check out resources like Penmanship by B.J. Betts to dive deeper into the logistics of crafting sophisticated fonts.

Trending Styles to Inspire You

Some of the most impactful designs include:

  • Bold Blackwork: Emphasizing strong lines and solid black areas, this style stands out starkly against the skin.

    'Stay Silent' tattoo in bold letters by Big Meas.

  • Check out B.J. Bett's Word to the Wise flash stamps to explore different fonts in this style and from simple to ornate.

  • Delicate Minimalism: Opt for thin, delicate lines for a subtle yet elegant tattoo. This style works well for wrist or ankle placements.

    Delicate cursive tattoo by Luis Hinestroza.

Creating Your Unique Piece

Discussing your vision and preferences with your client is paramount to creating a custom tattoo. Tools and designs from Tattoo Smart, such as the Hand Styles and Lettering by Josh Tucker and the Script & Lettering collection, can provide inspiration and guidance for both artists and clients.Log some practice with these custom brushes!From Chicano to minimalistic, log some practice with these tools!


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