100 American Traditional Designs

Traditional Bangers by Jordan Brill

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50 Dark Fantasy Designs

Spellbound by Chelsea Owen

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3D Models for Tattoo Visualization

Advanced 3D Body Parts

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Digital Design Tools for the Tattooing Professional


Join Russ Abbott as he unveils the essentials of Procreate tailored specifically for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. Whether you're new to digital art or looking to streamline your design process, this series is your go-to guide for harnessing the full potential of Procreate in the tattoo studio.

I have been purchasing brush sets from Tattoo Smart for a few years now and have found them them to be professional , easy to use and really creatively inspiring, I find myself looking forward to seeing what new set is out next!

Janene F.

They are tools that greatly facilitate the creation process, whatever style it may be. These tools are a real madness, thank you very much for creating them and making our work more agile and faster.

Rubén G.

Downloading and Importing Tattoo Smart Files
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Downloading and Importing Tattoo Smart Files

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