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Mike Stockings

Mike Stockings

A Master of Neotraditional Tattoos

In the ever-evolving world of styles, neotraditional tattoos have earned a permanent niche with their vibrant colors and intricate designs that blend modern aesthetics with traditional influences. Among the artists excelling in this style, Mike Stockings stands out as a beacon of creativity and skill. 


Who is Mike Stockings?

Mike Stockings is a renowned tattoo artist based in the UK, known for his distinctive approach to neotraditional tattooing. He began tattooing in 2010 and with years of experience under his belt, Mike has developed a unique style that not only respects the traditions of tattooing but also pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. He and his brother Chris operate Legacy Ink, a creative tattoo studio known for its high standards and innovative designs. 

The Neotraditional Style of Mike Stockings 

Neotraditional tattoos are known for their bold lines, vivid colors, and emblematic imagery that include elements of nature, animals, and human portraits. Mike Stockings' work is a perfect example of this style, infused with his very own personal touch. His tattoos often feature a dynamic use of colors and a depth that brings each piece to life. 

Signature Techniques and Inspirations

Mike's technique has been refined through years and years of practice and experimentation. He excels in shading and color saturation, which make his tattoos stand out for their clarity and longevity. His inspirations come from classic art, natural elements, and the history of tattooing - all of which he skillfully combines into his tattoo designs. Whether it's a fierce lion, a delicate flower, or a detailed portrait, Mike's work is immediately recognizable and deeply respected in the tattoo community.

Mike Stockings + Tattoo Smart

Beyond his tattooing, Mike Stockings has also ventured into digital tools for tattoo artists through a collaboration with Tattoo Smart. Together, we have developed many useful tools to enhance the capabilities of tattoo artists across the globe. These tools range from flash stamps to brushes that integrate seamlessly with Procreate to help bring your creative visions to life. 

1. Animal Crackers - A collection of 100 neotraditional animal flash stamps including all the most-popular requests. Animal Crackers includes birds, big cats, domestic animals, forest and sea creatures, apes, and mythical animals as well. Don't take our word for it, see what Suzanne M. wrote as a verified 5-star review:

These brushes are amazing!!! They give me such a wide creative freedom. They're easy to use and easy to go in and add your own details to them. I've drawn up a storm since buying them!! <3


2. Coastlines - 100 ocean mammals, fish, sharks, birds, and other sea creatures. These stamps are perfect for adding a touch of salt water to your artwork, whether you're creating a full underwater scene or just need a specific animal. Dive in to see what this verified customer had to say about Coastlines:

What a breeze! Helped me a lot creative and timewise. Made my version of this design and sold it promptly as a tattoo! Thumbs up all the way, as it helped put food on my table! 

3. Buggin' Out - 50 fun insects for Procreate. Each design was delightfully stylized by Mike and offers a unique perspective for your tattoo clients. Discover bees, beetles, butterflies, and moths along with ladybugs, snails, cicadas, scorpions, and fun mash-ups. 

4. Pet Shop - 100 pets and fun accessories! Whether it's an homage or man's best friend tattoo design, Pet Shop can help you customize your furry friend. These Procreate flash stamps include the most-requested pets, from dogs and cats to birds and fish. Mike has also added super fun accessories to bring some character to your designs. 

5. Power Tools - Mike's all-you-ever-need Procreate brush file that contains digital pencils, pens, mono, tapers, markers, strand brushes, charcoal, pastels, airbrush, stipplers, splatters, scatters, and glow brushes. If you're looking for a Procreate workhorse, this is it! Check out what Dejana W. had to say:

Currently using these brushes for painting artwork, designing merch, and making stencils. LOVE. If you are thinking of getting them, don't wait. Just do it. They are a game changer. Thanks Mike!

I Wanna Be Like Mike

If you follow Mike on Instagram, you'll know he adds a ton of value to his community and followers. He posts Procreate tips and tutorials that are liked and used by tattoo artists and other digital designers. We've heard that even bakers find value in Mike's tutorials to help create digital mockups of their confectionary creations. 

Mike also has a thriving Patreon community where he provides additional teaching and more in-depth tutorials. You can choose a monthly tier to learn all of Mike's best design tips and win free giveaways!

You can also hear Mike, along with colleague Joe Penn, on their podcast I Hurt Everywhere, also available on YouTube.

It's super clear that Mike is not only an amazing artist, but he cares deeply for the community. He consistently provides value to help others learn and grow. We are so fortunate to have Mike Stockings as a contributing artist at Tattoo Smart! 

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