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REAL Beasts

REAL Beasts
It’s not a unique experience. Bad lion tattoos are everywhere. Funky tigers abound. And let’s not even start on wolves… 

While we know none of you would ever put something this offensive on your clients, we also know it’s nearly impossible to find a reference online that is anatomically correct and also posed and optimized for tattoo placement.
Customers request lions, tigers, and wolves all the time! But, where are the vertical references that focus on faces and claws? Less body more bite! 
How can you, the professional tattooer, differentiate yourself and ensure your clients aren’t walking around with subpar tattoos?
We feel your pain. 
And we had to do something about it! 
Tattoo Smart created Real Lion, Real Tiger, and Real Wolf to eliminate the endless internet searching, to provide artists with great references that are varied in pose, angle, and lighting. We know that these Real Beasts are a must-have for every realism, traditional, and neo-traditional tattooist. 
What’s included with each animal? 
Multiple poses.
Useful angles of each pose.

All in 4 lighting environments: sunny, sunny masked, cloudy, cloudy masked.
Provided in:
An explanatory eBook.
Full color and black & white PNGs. 
Procreate brush file.
How you can use beasts?
Once you purchase any of the Real Beasts, you’ll immediately notice the insane amount of files at your fingertips! To get the most of this comprehensive asset library, we recommend starting with the eBook.
1. eBook - The reference PDF eBook showcases each beast by pose in the “sunny” lighting environment. The first page includes a high-level visual of each animal pose. See one you like? You can flip directly to that pose to check out additional angles. 

Take note of the poses and angles you like. Their names are used in the PNG files and in the Procreate brush file. 

Be sure to check out this helpful tutorial that will show you exactly how to download and import all Tattoo Smart files, including PDF eBooks. 
2. PNGs - This is a total game changer! We included PNGS of each pose and lighting environment in both color and black & white. For those of you who have been sleeping, THIS MEANS YOU CAN USE THIS ASSET LIBRARY WITH ANY PLATFORM! Amazing. You are not just limited to Procreate. 

These high resolution PNG images are on a transparent background. You can literally use them in any design platform of your choice! Photoshop? Cool. Clip Studio Paint? Totally. The decision is yours. And we love that for you. 

The PNG image files are named by pose, angle, and lighting environment corresponding to the eBook. We wanted to make it super easy for you to find exactly what you need- and fast. 
No need to download alllll the files, just what you need. The PNG files are broken down by pose so you can just grab and go. 

3. Procreate brush file - What we do best. For those of you familiar with Tattoo Smart flash stamps, you’ll love how easily these beasts stamp out. The brush file is organized by pose, angle, and lighting environment which, you guessed it, corresponds to the naming convention used in the eBook and PNGs. Seeing a trend here? 

You can download and import the brush file like every other Tattoo Smart flash stamp set. Fill your iPad with beasts! 
If you need assistance downloading and importing Tattoo Smart flash stamps, checkout this helpful video! 


Team Tattoo Smart put a lot of tender, love, and care into the creation of the Real beasts. We worked with super talented 3D artists and graphic designers to pose and light each 3D model.

Every mouth movement, paw placement, and tail position was hand-posed using the latest and greatest technologies.  Meticulously reviewed and carefully curated. 

We paid careful attention to every detail - down to the animal's nails! Getting the angle just right. 
With the poses in place, we exported all the images, sorted and named the files, designed the eBook, and created Procreate brush file. Real Lion, Real Tiger, and Real Wolf have been a long time in the making. We know you're going to find so much value in these assets. 

Try the REAL BEASTS BUNDLE today with Tattoo Smart's 10-day money back guarantee!

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