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What is Cottagecore?

What is Cottagecore?

If you’ve explored Tattoo Smart’s collaboration with Molly Vee in Cottagecore, you know there’s something quite captivating about this style, but it’s hard to pin down exactly what makes it work.

Is it the nostalgia factor? Cute creatures? Whimsical plants? All of the above? 

As part of our ongoing “What is…” series, we’re unpacking Cottagecore’s history, mass adoption, and exploring how this Tattoo Smart flash stamp set can give you the creative advantage you need to implement this popular style.

Cottagecore encompasses any item or activity from a simpler time, including the English countryside, agricultural life skills, crafting, maintaining a sourdough starter, romance, frolicking, and flowery dresses.

In general, Cottagecore brings nature elements inside the home - think: fresh and dried flowers, houseplants, a natural color palette, farm fresh eggs - and couples it with charms from yesteryear like candles, vintage dishes, old books, and simple cotton fabrics.

It offers a bit of an escape from our highly modernized and technologically fast-paced lives and allows us to get caught up in a romantic world of small cabins in the woods, running in meadows, and homesteading. Cottagecore promotes a simple, frugal lifestyle that focuses on using items with purpose. 

How did Cottagecore gain traction?

As a lifestyle trend, Cottagecore emerged in 2017, was widely popularized by 2019, and absolutely exploded during the pandemic.

People across the globe began to take comfort, fulfillment, and purpose outside our capacity to earn money. With much more time at home, it seemed like everyone was baking, knitting, and planning summer gardens.

How can I use Cottagecore in tattoo designs?

To help tattooers embrace and leverage this popular way of living, Tattoo Smart paired up with artist Molly Vee to create the perfect cozy blend of tattoo imagery in her flash stamp set Cottagecore including:

Animals like barn swallow, calf, duck, frog, goose, chicken, cat, mouse, quail, and sheep; Insects such as a ladybug, butterfly, and moth; Mystical objects including crystals, sun/moon, ghost, and a fairy; Plants like acorn, blackberry, fern, lavender, mushrooms, strawberries, berries, and flowers; Garden designs such as garden tools, watering can, garden gnome, overalls, and boots; And creature comforts like a teapot, sweater, hand pies, lady busts, coffee tin, lemonade pitcher, and even a jar of jam! 

Cottagecore has just the right mix of coziness and utility. So, when your client decides to shed her hand-knitted sweater, put down her tea, leave the cats at home, and get a new tattoo - you’ll have her covered with Cottagecore!

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We hope you feel super inspired to incorporate Cottagecore in your own work! Be sure to tag us on Instagram using #madewithtattoosmart - we'd love to see your designs! 

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