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Lina Shuliar

Lina Shuliar
Russian Vampire (yes, you read that correctly) Lina Shuliar brings her unique "DARKLORE" black and gray style to Supernatural Females, a flash stamp set of 50 dark and creepy ladies for Procreate on the iPad.

We had an absolute blast collaborating with Lina to create Supernatural Females and knew you would want to learn more! 

Lina grew up a creative child, preferring drawing to reading. From ages 8 to 16, she attended art school and then went to university to study architecture, where the majority of her projects were hand-drawn. At the same time, her friends were begging her to tattoo and Lina fell into tattooing quite by accident. 
As she developed confidence as an artist, Lina switched from color to exclusively black and gray. This was something she always wanted to do and, although it took some time for her client load to rebound, she has never looked back. 

Lina pulls creative inspiration from dark fantasy, Halloween, mythologies, American Horror Story, and folklore. She has also trained with Japanese artists and enjoys bringing her dark style to traditional Japanese imagery like snakes, dragons, and peonies. When not tattooing, Lina enjoys playing console games, watching anime, and reading manga.


In Supernatural Females, Lina included women from Europe, Asia, Japan, and the Victorian Era, along with classic femme fatales. These designs range in looks from traditional to futuristic. Some women have teeth marks on their necks, and some are touting fangs ready to suck your blood! 

We hope you enjoy Supernatural Females by Lina Shuliar! Try it with confidence using Tattoo Smart's 10-day money back guarantee. 

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