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Frann Rocha

Frann Rocha
Brazilian tattooer Frann Rocha is a student of world cultures and particularly the ornamentation used throughout history to create decorative arts. Frann started tattooing in 2007 and is currently a resident artist at Inkonik Tattoo Studio. She finds inspiration from tribal and ethnic cultures worldwide including Indian, Taiwanese, Nomadic, and Indigenous cultures. 


Tattooing is ritualistic, an exchange of energy which must be done with respect and dedication. The body is each one’s temple. With its marks, tattoos, scars, everything that represents each other’s experience. Tattooing for generations represents freedom of expression and strength.  - Frann Rocha


Frann has been a long-time contributor with Tattoo Smart. Her work is distinctive, breathtaking, and inspiring. She celebrates the beauty of nature, striking a balance between delicacy and the dynamic characteristics of the world. Check out all of Frann’s Tattoo Smart designs: 


Ornamentals Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Two volumes of linework stamps featuring mandalas, mandala flowers, frames, boteh, kolam, and dotwork designs. Ornamentals Vol. 1 and 2 are incredibly versatile and provide modern interpretations of ornmanental tattoo designs. Use for large or small scale tattoos, symmetrical or more naturally flowing. 

Absolutely love these brush sets! Unlimited options to create something unique and beautifulReview from Jennifer J (3/13/21) 

 This is super fun to play around with. So many designs to be made! Review from Matt Z (3/29/21)

Ornamentals Vol. 3: Woodblock Flash Stamps

100 ornamental paisley, floral, mandala, lotus, and leaf designs with both lined and filled versions. This project was inspired by a set of woodblocks that Russ Abbott found. He was so fascinated by the intricate details and could immediately see the benefit of providing both lined and filled versions of each design. Frann looked at the photos of just a few woodblocks and used her unmatched imagination to create a full set of 100 ornamental designs.  

I love these brush sets. They make my job easier and fun to create patterns. Review from Ladon S (10/14/21)

Spring Mix

100 natural and ornamental flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and leaf designs. This nature-inspired set captures the beauty of the natural world, bringing an organic element to ornamental designs. 

Great all around set. I do a lot of floral/botanical tattoos and this set is very useful. Review from Danny T (4/28/21)

Beautiful stamps! Review from Lea S (4/28/21)

A Lotta Mandala

100 mandala tattoo designs including floral, delicate, eastern, and geometric. Start with simple symmetry before spiraling into infinite options. A Lotta Mandala is a collection of mandala tattoo designs that are perfect for any artist looking to tattoo beautiful and intricate designs. There are so many varied styles within this set - there is truly something for everyone!

Very highly detailed pieces in this one! Review from Josh C (6/16/23)


100 fine-lined ornamental designs optimized for specific placement on the body. Designs include calf, chest, forearm, full back, lower back, pelvic, shoulder, sternum, and thigh. Delicada also includes 10 small designs that could be placed anywhere on the body! Frann has included a beautiful downloadable reference eBook to demonstrate a mockup of each design on Tattoo Smart's Protoplast models

Can't wait to apply this one to my next tattoo or collage! Lots of good references in this one! Review from Lea S (8/29/22)

Egyptian Flowers

100 expertly crafted flash stamps that utilize the Egyptian motif. This exclusive collection will take your tattoo designs to the next level. Crafted with precision, each stamp captures intricate details, allowing you to effortlessly create beautiful and authentic designs that will leave your clients in awe. This set also includes a helpful eBook to demonstrate  a mockup of each design on Tattoo Smart's Protoplast models

This set by Frann is unbelievable. There is a huge range of designs. Super helpful in showing my clients what the design could look like. Don't sleep on this one! Review from Sarah B (10/4/23)

Eastern Mandalas

100 Eastern-inspired mandalas including Chinese, Indian, Thai, Paper Cut, and more! This is your go-to set for any spiritual gangster client. With Eastern Mandalas, you won't need to endlessly scroll the internet for a new spin on mandalas. Just open your Procreate brush menu and you are ready to go! 

 It is an honor to think that someone will carry a creation, an art, for life made by me. Every day, I wake up with expectation and inspiration to carry out my projects. It makes my life make sense. - Frann Rocha

We really enjoy working with Frann and know that you will find value in her flash stamps. You can always buy with confidence since Tattoo Smart offers a 10-day money back guarantee. So, what are you waiting on?! Get ornamental! 

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