Flash Stamps


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100 Tropical Creature, Scene, and Flash Designs for Procreate on the iPad

Designed by Mark Longenecker of Endless Summer Tattoo (@marklongenecker)

What’s inside
  • 6 Skelly dudes surfing, drinking, and diving
  • 15 Tropical & nautical scenery elements like illustrative wave stamps, surfboards, volcano/skullcano, ships and sailboats, and piers
  • 13 Beach foliage stamps like palm trees, hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, and plumeria flowers, and monstera and fern leaves
  • 22 Large ocean creatures like sharks, sea turtles, dolphin, stingray, seal, and octopus, jellyfish, and squid flash
  • 7 Small sea creatures like lobster, shrimp, blue crap, and eel
  • 10 Small & large fish like blue and yellow tang, marlin, sailfish, lionfish, group, and seahorses
  • 12 Aquatic scenery & more, like mermaids, conch shells, coral, and seaweed
  • Complete your designs with 11 rope frames, sun and cloud flash, and compasses

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