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Neo-Trad Bag

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100 of Your Favorite Neo-Traditional Designs for Procreate on the iPad

Designed by Dingo Foley (@tattoosbydingo)

What’s inside
  • Classics like a sacred heart, dagger & rose, anvil & hammer, and an oil lamp
  • Nautical designs including a ship in a bottle, lighthouse, sailor, and anchor
  • Western references including a gun, cowgirl, spider, and scorpion
  • Occult themes including skulls, reapers, tarot, and a spell book
  • Throwbacks like a polaroid camera, boombox, gramophone, and cassette tape
  • Mythical creatures including Anubis, Barong, Ganesh, Hannya, and a unicorn
  • Animals like bat, boar, elephant, fox, panther, tiger, and wolf

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