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Egyptian Flowers

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100 Egyptian Flowers for the entire body for Procreate on the iPad

Designed by Frann Rocha (@franrocha.ttt)

What’s inside

Introducing Egyptian Flowers by Frann Rocha! This exclusive collection of 100 flash stamps for Procreate will take your tattoo designs to the next level.

Crafted with precision and expertise, each stamp captures the intricate details of the Egyptian motif, allowing you to effortlessly create beautiful and authentic designs that will leave your clients in awe. Unleash the inner God(dess)!

This set includes:

A helpful eBook of design placements, 10 upper arm designs, 10 lower arm designs, 10 full back designs, 10 rib/hip designs, 10 leg designs, 10 chest designs, 10 big flowers, 10 small flowers, 10 big leaves, and 10 small leaves.

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