Brush Set: Battle Damage by Dave Tevenal (Procreate®)

David Tevenal

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30 Procreate® Brushes featuring paint, marker, liner, and pencil brushes for the iPad®

Designed by Dave Tevenal of Sacred Tattoo NYC (@battledamagedave).

Dave Tevenal is widely-known as an incredibly prolific artist, possessing an unending work ethic and a tenacity to seek out the highest quality tools for his craft. In addition to tattooing, Dave has mastered a wide range of physical media, from paint to marker to digital design. It is from that mastery and experience that he crafted this set of Procreate brushes for Tattoo Smart, and we are proud to have collaborated with him to bring you these tools.

In his early forays into digital media, Dave tested stock and custom brushes for Procreate and found them fundamentally lacking. Not surprisingly given his obsessive pursuit of quality, he chose to develop his own Battle Damage brush set.

Composed of 8 paint brushes and 22 marker, pencil, and liner brushes, Battle Damage by Dave Tevenal is designed to make your digital designs look fully hand-rendered. Dave meticulously created these natural media brushes from the ground up, starting with high-quality scans and photos of fine art paper and physical brush, marker, and pen strokes. He designed custom grain source and nib images, experimenting and perfecting each brush. The result is an incredibly flexible set of tools for Procreate that mimic the small paper bleeds and grain texture of physical media, and produce designs suitable for a wide variety of applications, from art prints to tattoo designs.

Featuring 30 brushes including:

  • Ink, soft bloom, and soft washes
  • Hazy dust and condensed dust
  • Dave's colored pencils
  • Lining pencils
  • Ink liners
  • Smooth sketch brushes
  • Felt tip markers
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Procreate® Brush Installation

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