Brush Set

The Spitshade Set

Sale price$ 79.99

A Complete Procreate Toolkit for Traditional Flash Painting (Brush Set + Paper Backgrounds) for the iPad

Designed by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@russabbott)

What’s inside

33 Watercolor paper files:

  • Set up with specialty texture layers and layers for linework, shading, and color
  • 8X10 and 14X11 dimensions, Print Resolution (300dpi)
  • Variety of stain intensities and styles

28 Brushes:

  • Sketch pencil
  • 6 Round nib dip pens, from extra small to extra large, including one that can be used at any size
  • 3 "Shahpee" permanent markers, from brand new to dried
  • 7 Paint application brushes
  • Russ Abbott’s Magic Spitshader and Spittin’ Image all-in-one brushes
  • 4 Ink Wash brushes, from extra light to dark
  • 4 Blending brushes with different textures

60-color Procreate swatch palette