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73 Compass, Map, Ship, Pirate, Nautical Elements and more for Procreate on the iPad
What’s inside

9 Rendered designs, for shading reference, including compasses, beach scenes, and map scene elements.

Maps and scenic elements including

  • 3 Simple and 3 detailed maps, with 4 map burns and 2 map corner curls
  • 5 Lanterns and candles, and a message in a bottle
  • 5 Coin stacks and gems
  • 6 Illustrative elements like rope frames, Fleur de Lis, mermaid, and sea serpent

Nautical Instruments:

  • 7 Compass roses and 3D compasses
  • 5 Navigation tools like an Alidade compass, sextant, telescope, hourglass, and barometer

Ship and nautical elements including

  • 13 Ships, ship helms, and anchors
  • 3 Lighthouses and 2 beach scenes
  • 6 accessories like knots, a divers helmet, and conch and crab shells

6 Pirate symbols including a pirate skull, Flintlock pistol, dagger, treasure chests, and parrots

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