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Human Canvases for Tattoo Mockups

Human Canvases for Tattoo Mockups

Tattoo Smart offers 3 different sets of human body part templates to help you create design mockups.

Ranging from line drawings to 3D models, these tools vary in style and application and can help you and your clients visualize a design from concept through stencil. 

(1) MODEL HUMANS are Tattoo Smart's 3D humans.

Each Model Human comes with 6 different 3D models: full body, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg. We have created both male and female versions of common body types:

Norm & Norma - Average

Ryan & Erika - Fit 

Chuck and Megan - Large

Simon & Jenna - Lean

Model Humans also come with a skin tone palette you can use to more realistically represent your client. You can learn more about Model Humans by watching these helpful tutorial videos.


(2) Protoplast is Tattoo Smart's realistic 2D human flash stamps, including 4 different body types in both male and female versions.

These flash stamps include humans standing in a range of poses from standing to sitting and also include the Tattoo Smart skin tone palette. 

(3) Body Shots is Tattoo Smart's line drawing flash stamps, perfect for quick placements. 


This compilation of 2D line drawings includes line drawings of both male and female bodies in various sizes, as well as each body part individually. Whatever you have in mind, Body Shots makes it easy to bring your ideas to life.

No matter your need, Tattoo Smart has something to help everyone excel in design placement and visualization. Shop with confidence using our 10-day money back guarantee! 

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