Flash Stamps

Japanese Vol. 4

Sale price$ 39.99

108 Flash Stamps featuring Japanese flowers, ornamental elements, masks, koi, and more for Procreate on the iPad

Designed by Alexey Zamotevsky of Ink Donkey (@alexey_inkdonkey).

What’s inside
  • 46 Floral elements including peonies, maple leaves, lotus flowers, chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, and bamboo leaves
  • 30 Ornamental and bonus elements including rope knot ends, frames, waves, samurai helmets, and skulls
  • 13 Koi including 2 dragon/koi mashups
  • 7 Masks including Hannya, Tengu, Kitsune, Otafuku, and Hyottoko
  • 12 composition templates including front and back body suits, back pieces, chest panels, and half sleeves

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