eBook: Eternally Bound V4 by Myke Chambers

Myke Chambers

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Traditional American tattoo designs by Myke Chambers (@mykechambers)

Myke Chambers is a world-renowned tattooer from Philadelphia, PA. For the past decade, Myke has released regular volumes of his tattoo designs to allow fans and tattooers alike to get a look into his process.

Eternally Bound Volume 4 features 92 pages of Myke's take on classic images such as the skull, eagle, ship, rose, wolf, bear, dagger, and much more! The artist asks that you do not copy the images verbatim, but rather use them as inspiration for your own artwork and tattoos.

For more similar imagery, don't miss Paper Trail V1 by Jeff Miller.

eBook, PDF Format, Copyright 2016 Myke Chambers

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