Flash Stamps

Drop Dead

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50 Flash Stamps featuring Grim Reapers, stylized skeletons and wraiths, and skulls for Procreate on the iPad

Designed by Elliott Wells of The Keep (@elliottjwells)

What’s inside
  • 15 Full-body reaper designs like armored, headless, knighted, ronin, and floating reapers
  • 15 Stylized skulls including castle-, spider-, spined-, and flail-morphs, barbarian, knight, bio, and demon skulls, and more
  • 8 Reaper portrait designs like ancient, cyber death, chained, melted, and shrouded reapers
  • 12 Deathly objects and weapons like a hand of glory, mace, dagger, candelabra, skull hour glass, and more

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