Brush Set: Henna by Cory Ferguson (Procreate®)

Cory Ferguson

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48 Procreate® Brushes for creating Henna and Lace Designs for iPad Pro®

Designed by Cory Ferguson of Good Point Tattoos (@coryferguson)

This brush set was created with the intention of having everything you need to render a henna or lace style design from start to finish. It’s great for drafting up quick ideas and concepts for your clients in minutes. With a little practice, you could easily create a stencil-ready line drawing with these brushes alone. This set includes a single and a double liner, template stamps of some common henna shapes that will get your design started including a paisley, some leaf shaped center pieces, and some mandala-esque flower stamps. From there, you get into the repetitive, linear pattern work that the eye instantly recognizes as the henna aesthetic. There is a multitude of these that make up the bulk of the set, largely inspired by nature, these patterns mimic various leaves, petals, ferns, peacock feathers etc. Ornamental, jewelry and chandelier inspired imagery are also included. There is even a brush that rapidly creates the “hanging beads” you often see at the bottom of underboob tattoos. Finally, there are several filler pattern brushes for blocking in larger areas, perfect for the “fishnet” areas in lace designs as well as henna.

All of the brushes in this set make great use of Procreate's snap to line feature (holding your Apple Pencil to the screen for a couple of seconds after the line is done snaps it perfectly straight).  That feature combines with these brushes to accurately recreate the “stacked rows of patterns” look that henna designs often contain, and the brushes all work well on curves too.

PLEASE NOTE: Tattoo Smart pattern brushes made for Procreate work best in straight paths. As you draw in tight arcs and spirals, you may notice the source image disconnecting and creating a stepped or broken pattern. Use the brushes to quickly draft the initial shapes and patterns, then easily draw over the path to correct the design for individual tattoos.

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Procreate® Brush Installation

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