Abbott Color Wheel: Digital Kit

Russ Abbott

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UPDATE: Now iPad Compatible!  Thanks to a recent update in Procreate app, you can now upload .psd files. Once you purchase this product, you will need to use Dropbox or iCloud to store the file so you can access it in Procreate. It will not import directly from our server to your iPad. But once you get the file imported, it will work exactly as it does on the computer programs. Read below for the full product description:


The Abbott Color Wheel features scientifically measured samples of the complete line of color tattoo pigments from Eternal Ink (247 Colors). The colors have been carefully arranged by hue, value, and saturation to give the artist the most comprehensive view of tattoo pigment imaginable. By viewing the ACW through the attached "Gamut Masks", the artist can quickly visualize a range of color schemes to use in the tattoo or art project. 

The Digital Layered File version of the Abbott Color Wheel allows us the opportunity to offer more gamut masks than what is available with the printed version. This file is for users of Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and now Procreate. By opening the .psd file in one of these programs, you will be able to toggle on/off the visibility of each gamut mask and rotate the mask above the color wheel. Visualizing color schemes in this way is a very quick and intuitive process. Advanced users may choose to design their own gamut mask shapes to personalize their color palettes even more.

Also, don’t miss our Digital Palettes featuring scientifically measured swatches of an ever-growing list of tattoo ink brands. These swatch libraries allow digital artists to make tattoo designs using the exact colors in their ink collection.

 Technical Notes: Open the file in Adobe Photoshop (or Clip Studio Paint) and toggle the layer visibility in the layers panel by clicking the eye icon next to the layer with your chosen gamut mask. Also, select the layer with the mask that you have chosen by clicking on the mask name. (EX: "Triadic"). To rotate the mask, Edit>Transform (CMND-T, CTRL-T). When the transform box appears over the gamut mask layer, grab the corner handle to rotate. Click the check mark to accept your transformation. We recommend saving an extra copy as a backup in case you mess something up.
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