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Eddie Stacey

Eddie Stacey

If you love Eddie Stacey as much as we do, we're sure you'll enjoy using the flash stamps in Eddie's Chaotic Series. Featuring imagery focused on Nordic and Greek mythology, predatory real and mythical animals, birds, and powerful humans, Eddie’s flash sets includes a wide variety of chaotic blackwork stamp designs. You can readily incorporate this flash, drawn using different angles and poses, into your tattoo designs to bring some texture and chaos.

We asked Eddie about the inspiration for his set and how he hopes other tattooers might use the Chaotic series. Keep reading to hear straight from Eddie!

Checkout Eddie's design incorporating Chaotic Beasts and Andrew Borisyuk's Snake Kit


The characters that made up these epics of the old world were from our own human history and were a wondrous cast of heroes and villains and were important teaching tools for countless generations since their inceptions. They were used to teach morals, to inspire us to be heroic, and to warn us of what our actions could bring if we were not careful. These myths dominated my childhood and lingered long into my adulthood. 

Fast forward to my tattooing career and little much has changed in my appreciation for these ancient tales and their players. I use them in nearly every tattoo I create. My clients tend to be those that still find meaning in these symbols of our human condition, and that’s why I created a cache of stamps to harness the power of the old tales for the modern artist to use in their work. The myths of the past are rooted in many of our psyches and manifest in the art forms to this day, and my set acts as a tool artists can easily refer to for inspiration.

The old saying, “Do what you love” is the driving factor in the creation of this brush set. I use these images constantly, and my hope is that you will too. I’m not expecting a renaissance of human mythology or a explosion of interest in the myths that are woven into the complexity of the American patch quilt, but I do hope that it may be useful to your own artistic quest and help mold an appreciation for the creativity and moral lessons of the ancients that shaped our collective society in the modern day. 

Enjoy the oddities and hopefully you will discover an appreciation of these myths that will shape a bit of your creative process as well as honor the legends of the past, Skal!




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