The Snake Kit - Tutorial 1

Tattoo Smart is thrilled to bring you the newest toolkit in our Procreate collection: The Snake Kit Vol. 1 by Andrew Borisyuk.

Unlike flash stamp sets, this complex brush set allows you to apply your foundational knowledge of snake form and movement, saving you time and allowing you to expand the complexity of your designs.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own snake design using the belly composer brushes.

Design Time: ~25 minutes per snake.

  • Start a new layer.

  • Choose a Belly Composer brush and use the spacing property to adjust the number of belly lines per segment.

  • Draw the snake body starting from the tail. Think about how a snake naturally twists and turns.

  • Create a new layer.

  • Choose a Snake Head and adjust the size and orientation to fit your snake belly. You might also need to move the belly layer to ensure proper fit.

The bottom of the snake has wide "W" shaped bands and follows the line of large, open circles. The top side of the snake has smooth, curved lines and follows the small dots. It's helpful to create the distinction before moving on:

  • Create a new layer.

  • Select a Liner and adjust the color (we like red) and opacity to create a guideline. Follow the small dots to visualize the border between the top and bottom of the snake. This layer will be removed from the final design.

  • Add another layer.

  • Select a liner and draw over the outer edge of the snake.

  • Outline the bottom belly lines from the snake head down the length of the body.

Depending on the size of your snake, this could take some time. Use your guideline to visualize the rotation of the belly bands.

  • In the curves of the snake, you can smooth out the W shape to create a different look.

  • Turn off the red guide layer.

  • Create a new layer.

  • Choose a Liner and decrease the brush size.

  • Along the top of the snake, locate any overlapping curves and draw a thing line to create body depth.

  • Turn off the belly composer layer.