eBook: Roses in the Void by Will Gee

Will Gee

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Roses in the Void by Will Gee (@whoswillgee)

Roses in the Void by Will Gee features more than 120 beautifully photographed rose and leaf images. Unlike most reference photos of roses, Will photographed these flowers specifically with tattoo design in mind. The eBook includes rose photos from varying angles with different light source directions, so you can find the perfect rose for your composition.

In addition to the PDF format eBook, we have also included all rose and leaf image files with transparent backgrounds so you can easily import them into your favorite design program. This makes it simple to drop the roses into your digital designs or on top of photo of your client.

Will also included a design tutorial in this eBook to show you how to modify the rose photos to suit nearly any tattoo design scenario. Step-by-step, Will shows you how to adjust the hue, value, light source, and other color settings in Procreate or Photoshop to customize each photo.

eBook, PDF Format, and images Copyright 2018 Will Gee


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