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Chaotic Series

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Title: Chaotic Beasts


Designed by Eddie Stacey of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@eddiestacey)

Read about Eddie's inspiration for the Chaotic series in this biopic blog post.

After a decade focused on precision, Eddie wanted to explore mark-making and texture in his tattoo work. The result of this loose, sketched approach is Eddie’s chaotic blackwork style. Tattoo Smart is proud to bring you the Chaotic Series for Procreate, developed to put Eddie’s stylistic tools in your hands.

What’s inside

Tools of Chaos: 110 Procreate Stamps featuring Chaotic Blackwork-style linework and repeater designs

  • 10 Norse Gods & Goddesses like Odin, Thor, Freya, and more
  • 5 female and 5 male profiles
  • 17 hands and 5 fists
  • 9 headdresses and raven skulls
  • 5 ravens and 5 songbirds
  • 3 clouds and 4 suns/moons
  • 19 leaves and branches
  • 11 weapons and shields
  • 4 Nordic symbols
  • 2 repeater hair braids
  • 6 chaotic mark making brushes

Chaotic Beasts: 100 Procreate Stamps featuring Chaotic Blackwork-style animals

  • 20 Bears including bear heads, profiles, and full bodies, bear cubs and pairs
  • 20 Wolves, wolf heads, profiles, and full bodies, wolf cubs and pairs
  • 35 Big cats including cheetahs, jaguars, lions, and tigers
  • 25 Other animals like elephants, gorillas, hyenas, rhinos, and boars

Mythical Beasts: 100 Designs featuring Beasts, Gods, and Characters from Folklore, Mythology, and Science Fiction

  • 31 Creatures from multiple mythological and folklore traditions
  • 25 Greek mythological deities and creatures
  • 24 Science Fiction movie and game characters
  • 9 European and Scandaavian beasts of folklore
  • 5 Native and Central American deities and spirits
  • 5 Asian mythological creatures

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