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Dave’s brush set is hands down the most used of anything I have purchased and used for procreate hope he does more

Great set

Wonderful set. Especially the ink liners and the soft shading. Find some of my favorite brushes in these sets.


I've been using these for not too long and they've been so useful, they all work well with a bit of tweaking for your preferences. The dotwork brush is my favorite.

A bit underwhelming.

If you already have The Rose Design sketchbook, it’s not really worth the download in my opinion. It’s the same line drawings, and I wish they would have been cleaned up some for this new set. I’ve made 10 orders from Tattoo Smart and this one is the only one I kind of regret. I understand they’re meant for reference, but I feel the copy/paste was just a bit underwhelming. Some may find this set very useful, just not me this time.

Simplified Addition

This set helps to simplify the creative process. If you haven't tried them. You are missing out!

It's like Christmas

Feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Totally love this!!

Great brush set

It is an awesome brush set. I’ve been wanting to get into doing biomech and this set will put you in the right direction for creating some cool designs! I highly recommended!!


Not a good start

The brush set would not load, which is fine if it can be fixed. However, support is TERRIBLE. Took 4 days to get a response and it was only to ask what part wasn’t loading. I answered the question yesterday and still no response. Guess I’ll have to wait 4 days for a response everytime???

Worth every penny and then some.

Between the different brushes (I personally love the hard style guys) the grids for curving and kerning your hand style, the filigree flourishes, and precut banners; I have found this set incredibly useful. The Old E style font is super rad and the sketchy pencil is my favorite sketching brush in the program at the moment. A perfect investment if you like drawing your own lettering. I highly recommend getting these!

Easy explained

Very easy explaining and down to earth :)

Nice set

Great set of brushes,real timesaver

It’s ok

I could not download this as brushes. It was downloaded as flash which is still good . Just have to do more work for fast designs. I normally draw my own but since my shop has gotten busier and watches and compasses are popular I cannot keep up . I use this as an aid to customize my own. I just thought they were brushes not flash for 40$ little much


This set speeds things up a lot and opens the doors for creativity .

Good stuff!!!

Ornamental archive!

Very awesome brushset to help as a reference for addition of filigree and framework!

Useful resource for illustration project

Found this while researching reference material for an illustration project and it proved ideal for creating an important part of the composition. I don’t have much experience with Photoshop’s 3D tools but the tutorial video was enough to scratch the surface and achieve what I needed quickly. With practice this could prove to be a really useful resource for dynamic lighting.

Wise investment

Made my money back already. The tutorial was very helpful.

Great brush set

Great set for being able to do a quick design for clients, nice to be able to quickly switch between different line weights do give a good representation


Usefull tool!

Must Have Set!

This set amazing and super useful! I love it! Time saver for sure!

Tattoo brush set

I recently bought your tattoo brush set for procreate. I have to say it was the brush set I have . Been tattooing for 3 and a half years and been doing all my stencils by hand but when I bought my iPad pro I purchased procreate and tour brush set and have been using just that for my stencil making process and it is AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for creating such a helpful tool it cuts down my setup time drastically 👍👍👍👍👍


So many great stamps in this set. Makes things so easy. Guaranteed to pay for itself.