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Very helpful

I’ve gotten quite a few of these packages, but this one is the one I use the most.
Very helpful to make a quick design.

3 stars

RS brushes are great. Magnum has no flow to it and very difficult to use. Liners should have the “fallout” effect when you lift the pen. Moreover there is no option to do pepper shading with any of the brushes.

All these brushes are essentials ! Get them and get creative

These brushes are essential to any artist. Do yourself a favor and get as many as you can.

complete brush set is amazing

down side is the you can not rotate the brushes for certain effect strokes
..took a little getting use to BUT STILL AN AMAZING BRUSH SET


I got these for the mag brushes but they really don’t make sense. The individual dots are way too big and look/feel nothing like shading with a mag. Also you have little or no control of the direction the mag brush goes in. I would pay the same amount to have the single brush from autodesk that actually works and looks good. Pls make that or something similar available in procreate!


Great set of brushes. Had more in it than I thought it would. 100% recommend.

Not good.

All the patterns are to similar. Some of the patterns aren't even polynesian designs. It's a waste of money.

Mayby the wrong choice

Mine opinieon is that the cheyenne brush set is nog very good. Maby I Made the wrong choice and schould I have bought the tattoo line brush set. It is not a very realistic Brush set. Also the prices for Some brush sets are over the top. I Think I Will wait with buying more brush sets untill procreate 5 is out.

Watch and compass

Love it. Thanks guys

Very fun to use

Thanks dave for all the work in designing.. I love the stroke choices and variations. Helping set up the art I do.

Great brush concepts

This is amazing and fun to use. Downside is that brush rotation does not work and you are more stuck with a static position..

Color theory

Great a better understanding for the color wheel

Mega cool

Great buy 🤘🏻

No me entusiasma

Las de linea muy bien, y rs tambien, pero con las magnum no hay quien acierte, se cambian de posicion y queda todo rallado

I really liked the idea! It helps to understand a little how it works to tattoo too! I didn't like the round liner!

Excatly what I needed

I've been looking for something to emulate the same effect as whip shading. Increasing the spacing of the liners worked perfectly and the mags are great to speed up the process in large areas. Currently my go to brush set. Well done!


Really good set lots of useful brushes for a low price

I really want to like them, I’m just struggling to use them appropriately. Will try to recalibrate my Apple Pencil to see if it helps blend better, otherwise the texture looks really nice and can get great shading with the round shaders.

These are awesome

I love mixing them up to create some new designs

Great stuff

Can’t wait to start using these

Spitshading Kit

Now i have all the Colors on my IPad witch i have and work with, in my Studio in real!
For me just logic to made my Flashs more autentic!

Thank you

Thank you

Special-effects make up

I’m a tattoo artist but I’m also a special effects makeup artist for Film and TV. I am often asked to design and make temporary tattoos for the film industry. A lot of times they are needed quickly and Tattoo smart has helped me come up with designs fast. Love this program and I will definitely be getting more brushes to add for my design process.


Time saver if you're in this kind of designs