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Great set of stamps

Lovely and wide ranging variety of peonies and leaves! Helpful for composition and reference.


helpfull as well

Good Book

Thanks for book, good information to begin


Great product would definitely reccomend it to anyone !!!

Great brushes

Great set! Add it to the other great sets. Make my life easier.


Game changer.

intuitive and fun

I've never been a fan of working with actual watercolor, even though i love the look. after spending years becoming expert at oil painting I've found I just don't have the time or motivation to get over the learning curve of watercolor, which I find way too finnicky. But this brush set opened up an entire genre to me by making it easy and intuitive, yet surprisingly similar to the real thing. There's probably hardcore traditional spitshading guys rolling in their graves over this easy and fun digital workaround to the hassles of real watercolor, but I'm loving that I can now work in this style rather effortlessly for personal projects.


Saved time tool really interesting


Perfect for my blasphemy art

Saved time tool

Amazing tools for saved time

Love it

Very good bones for designs.


So many great starting points to design clean original designs , best brush set by far

Maritime brush

Really happy with this new set brushes perfect old school style, want to try on aquarelle ideas and flash too, thanks Jeff Miller and tattoo smart crew.

Maritime Review

Another great brush set. You guys never disappoint.




I love the textures of these brushes and love sketching with them. These are amazing! Definite recommend for those who use Procreate.

Awesome sauce love what you have created here an it got me very interested in buying more into other tattoo smart products

Great way to pass the time and create color studies

Lots of controversy over this product, but it's simply another tool. I still paint on paper, but now I can test an idea relatively quickly, create color studies, and "paint" anywhere from in bed, at a restaurant, on an airplane, and even in the bathroom (I've done it). If you use a two-brush method (one for paint, one for blending) the methods will be very similar for you. If not, you may have a learning curve. I particularly enjoy this product with the Solid Ink digital palette so my paintings are much closer to my tattoos than they would be were I just using FW. Hard to say a bad word against it, definitely recommend.

Money maker!

Definitely a money maker for a street shop!


a very convenient and necessary brush for a lazy artist recommend it!

Color Theory Review

I thought the information was a good intro into color theory and the supplemental product offering.


I cant find much use for most of the brushes but thought it would be worth it to try it for the scale brushes. They are alright but don’t function as smoothly as they need to. You still end up having to erase and draw in scales at bends which ends up being just as tedious as drawing them all in to get them perfectly to scale with the ones from the brush.

Spitshading brush set

Really like the flow with the included paper. It gives a nice texture and very easy to use !

Awesome set

Original set to brushes many elements truly to meditation and yoga, really cool, highly recommend