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Great set, a must get.

Comparing prices among sets, this one is definitely one of the more expensive ones, but that said, it is worthy. 13 brushes, and a paper texture might not seem like much, but they're excellent beyond their intended use. I'll never use the standard airbrush in procreate again. Very well built brushes that emulate the hand painted look. Definitely suggest this set to anyone deciding which to get first.

Great Brush Set for Those Inclined to Inner City Oriented Lettering/ Calligraphy

Love the brush set. I'm into Chicano brush lettering and such style calligraphys and he has a lot of great brushes. Been through a lot of brush sets in search of ideal brush tips and his brushes are unique and definitively in my top 2 go to sets .

It's not exactly what I was expecting but still good

Street shop gold!

Bought this set hoping to streamline the walk-in game. It paid for itself the first day! If you work in a street shop and your clients haVe ever seen Pinterest, you’ll want this set! Worth every penny

Very good!!!

Great tools!

Very useful !! Never dissatisfied with any brush set I purchase. You guys make amazing tools .

Very good!!!

brush set dream of the 90s

super cool stuff, eased my workflow. made life just a little better busy nights.

Don’t buy unless you have an iPad Pro

You can’t use the paper backgrounds unless you have an iPad Pro, I’m sure it says that somewhere but I didn’t notice before I bought it. The brushes are great tho!


things we don´t know we need


These are all so awesome and such a time saver.


Great set. Get some!.

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Must have brush

It's definitely one to have in your arsenal of brushes if you do a lot of geo designs

Thumbs up!

This set does exactly what it needs to. It’s fun to play with some of the restrictions or challenges found in tattooing and is a great trial and error tool for my apprentice. I love how responsive the brushes are when an inconsistent pressure is applied it shows streaking similar to actual tattooing. Great tool

Got a refund...

...because most of the stuff didn't work with my iPad 2018 32GB. Was disapointing...But now everything is good!

Legit AF

Myke Chambers is a Legend couldn’t be happier he’s on board with tattoosmart

Should have read up first

Well, I already use modified airbrushes for the same application, have stacks of watercolor paper that I could theoretically scan myself. I already had the pens from when they came out. So basically it offered nothing for me. Pressure doesn’t dictate your blend with an actual brush so why would this ‘simulate’ actual watercolor? Dragging the fade out doesn’t change the grade like it would on paper because it is simply an airbrush. Probably great for people who don’t use real paint much or it completely turns your process on its head. Old dog doesn’t need new tricks. Icing on top, I don’t like martins on paper so don’t have a taste for the color pallet.

Thanks for your review. We recently launched the Spitshading Toolkit and it has generated a lot of really positive feedback from our customers. The Spitshading Toolkit brushes, combined with the included paper texture files, does truly replicate an authentic watercolor experience. Perhaps you were looking for that product, and chose this one by mistake?

Just what you need! So helpful! Must have


Definitively this is a time saver. If u know your tricks u can use it even for realism. Amazing tool

I find it a lil hard to save and use the papers and color but it does help me to achieve better texture.


Great set. He’s got the science down. 🤙🏼