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It was free but only a small hand full of designs.

Great traditional set

One of my favourite sets so far loads of great ideas for designing traditional flash !!!

Great brush/stamp set

I really enjoy designing traditional flash and this set is definitely a way to make it easier to lay out a design idea !!! Keep up the great work!!!

Super fajne :)

Fajne darmowe szablony.

Great set

The texture on the spit shader is exactly what I was looking for.

Versatile and Fun to Use

I love this brush set, especially the spitshader. I found both the shaders and especially the paper textures were extremely useful for other similarly themed pieces.

Good stuff

Designed 3 half sleeves using this and the Japanese sampler. So they've paid for themselves 10x over already.

These are very helpful when designing. And all around I use them for all the art I do. Even if not for a tattoo.

Excellent book on color theory. Learns a poy

Very helpful!

I really like the brushes. I have used them to come up with some really neat lettering and mixed styles. I enjoy them a lot!

No words

It was fullfilled with information and knowledge
Thank you a lot


artwork and it give beautiful touch for artwork... thanks so much 💜


The artwork WôW i love so much...💜

Thank you..love it ..


This set has easily helped in creating new designs for my clients!

Useful if a little repetitive

The convenience of having clean hi-def copies of these patterns in one place is great, however this convenience could have been increased if they were stamp brushes instead. Patterns have a few different copies each just rendered slightly differently, a little disappointed that this was priced so highly in that regard. Overall a useful asset to a collection of resources, more variety of pattern rather than their rendering would be great for any further releases.

Not that useful

Didn't really seem worth the money to me.

Very helpful

Very helpful

Mc sampler

Very nice as a beginner it helps me to try to learn how to work with the program

Mythical beasts

I love this set of stamps ready to go! I've been tattooing for 32 years now, and can't believe how awesome Tattoo Smart is with all their brush sets!!! Taking is to a whole new level!!! Time saving is worth a fortune!!! Buy every set they have, a few tattoos will pay for them all! It's the least we can do as tattoo partners!!! I'd give every set 6 stars if possible!

Amazing set

I am new to procreate but I love Dave’s art work so I bought the battle damage set plus the instructional video from his site. All I can say it that within a couple of days I got to grips with procreate and love it. I would highly recommend it.