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Great set

The quick use of this set is awesome, keep up the good work

Excellent stamp set

Neo Trad at its best, thank you for that great asset.

Awesome set

Its a helpful set to make a based design studies...

Love the set. Easy to use.

Great set!!!!

Great set for the challenge!

Great set



Love these brushes they are awesome so cool to set up a base and then add on will be buying brush sets in the future

Great set

Só recursive!

great set

Good set for the challenge. Love it.

It’s a decent set

I’m pleased with the brush set would definitely recommend this


Great set 😍🥰

Thank you so much

Im really in love with this tool set

Really awesome

Great job


Really in love with your product

Lots of ideas

This style is more and more asked for so this brush really gives you many more options. Pair it with the tattoo brush to really play with line weight and saturation of blacks and grays or in color tones on the darker spectrum. Opens up ideas for so much more to offer clients and to broaden possibilities

Understanding shape

Renews the ability to add other shapes to parts of the body that can work in a x pattern to create more movement across the skin. Simple to use and great basis for sketching over

Very helpful

Helpful to understand how flowers lay out as they bud. Every time I get a new brush I just play with it then watch to learn and it makes it easier to explore the brush further.

I like,very good


another awesome variety of artwork that saves enormous amounts of time with rough drafting of large-scale designs, as well as perfect stand alone artwork for the more simple creations. Keep up the great work!


This brush set is amazing! I’m having a great time just doodling. The repeater brushes for “Clip Studio” are super dope!

Awesome tools

I’m really happy with the product as well as how simple it is to use.

Dharma Set

Of course another homerun 🔥🔥🔥

Great stuff

Paid for itself less than an hour after I bought it