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Money Maker

This set is so dope!! Do you know how much time this set saves?? The fact that it comes with the angled grid alone is sick!! Thank you guys and Russ for continually pushing our tools!!

A definite must have

Great tool for every artist!! Easy to install, a huge advantage in designing any type of digital media.

Color theory



Fast smooth installation with the new update. Saves me hours of drawing time with the scales,rope, and chain.

Improved workflow

Great mix of useful brushes. No stopping your creativity or slowing your workflow.


Fast shipment and nice people...thank you so much..

It's verte good and so important

This book Is so important to our formation about tattoo, it's have a all relation about the theory of color, it's so good totally

Valuable resource

Love this!!! I’m always looking for clean rose images and now I have all that I need. I just wish there was a quicker way to download all the images


Exactly what I was looking for!

Game changing

Virtual tattooing your design with your Eternal inks. This is crazy, use your colors, the needle brushes on a 3D arm. Coolest times to be tattooing in.

Not so useful

It would be better if it comes as a real pallet of colors and not just an image...

Great for walk ins

Great set of brushes for your run of the mill stuff

Amazing brushes

I love thes brushes they are like all you brushes they are great. They don’t have any brushesvlike thus in procreat ..

Needs improvement but satisfactory

Love the models but a little disappointed in the model join location. It limits placement options for inside forearm and bicep. Not the best but decent either way.

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on an update to the 3D models and will definitely consider the issue you mentioned.
Mixed feelings

They are quality brushes but difficult to implement. I haven’t found a real need to use these over other tools available.

Artist best friend 8)

Palette de couleur complète pour un choix parfait des teintes a atteindre lors des dégradés ou choix de couleurs!! À avoir!!


For sure you can find many of these patterns, or similar to these ones, online but not all of them and not well organized as they are in these PDFs. It saves a lot of time from searching online even if, for this price, I would have preferred editable PDFs and fewer repetitions of the same patterns with just different line weight. Anyway, I think it's good to have them in your archive.

Don‘t really work

The idea is nice, but the brushes are not resdy to be sold imho and would need some work. In this state it’s not worth the money. Let us know when there‘s an update!

All the Kelseys

The second you download this brush set, all the Kelseys, Chelseas, and Brandis looking to get their riblets blasted with every basic outline known to google and pinterest will swoop in. Angels will ascend from the heavens, beaming light from behind them, as the doors to your studio swing open, and before Becky-Anne can pull out her phone and swipe through photo after photo looking for the perfect piece, *BAM*, you already have it pulled up on your iPad, sized up and ready to go. Her harem of 19 accompanying friends want some magical shit too? Well guess what, their designs are already loaded in the brush set as well, making you look like a true psychic tat wizard, saving the day from them having to call around to 40 different shops asking what the minimum is, and driving around town and ending up at shaky Jakes scratch party tattoo. Order the poster as well, it's a perfect pair for the brush set, a guaranteed money maker from the second it adorns your lobby wall next to those clean and classic panthers and eagles with too much black (who gets traditional anymore anyway?, it's all about perfect crescent moons done with a tight 3 on the inside of a finger) . This is a great set, and an asset to those who get tired of drawing the same designs over and over again. America did a great job on putting this set together!.

Worth it

Really cool easy to use and install, and really useful


Only recently started using procreate as sketchbook wasn’t giving me the ideal illustrations I wanted. I bought this product to help me when thinking about what needles to use, and I can honestly say it’s the best! Makes my life easier not having to worry what type of needle to use when I tattoo! 10/10 would recommend this product! The consistency with the shaders and liners is perfect!


Says I maxed out my downloads after initial install.

Hi Bradley, Our system limits the number of downloads by default. I refreshed your count, so you should have plenty of downloads remaining. You can email with tech support concerns at any time.
Que du positif

Super planche pour dessin géométrique. Vraiment content pour faire du mandala .

Speed up drawing process of otherwise pretty boring repetitive elements we use often.