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Best of the best

I don’t have any lettering brush sets to be honest, but this is definitely ones that’s worth the money and everything . Plates , letters , flourishes etc. all perfectly done ! I really suggest to buy this one don’t give it a second thought !


This brush set is one of the best I’ve used for procreate

Exactly what I needed

The same day I needed it for a design, super easy, nice and perfect. Have used it many times already.

Excellent !

Très riche en contenu et très facile à utiliser. Bravo !

Didn’t realise I’d rated it 5 star!

Still not worth the money

Lot of useful information given in a well organised concentrated way.

Not worth it

It’s my fault for buying something I wasn’t 100% sure what I’m buying. I still think this is no where near worth the money it cost

Most have set!

This is a must have set for any tattoo artist! So many application to be done with this, easily pay for itself.

Worth every cent!

I have had this a week and it has already paid for itself twice over at least!!

This set is great! I will be able to use this in so many applications for design work. Endless combinations!

Like a new program now

This makes working with procreate so much better and relates so well to tattooing,looking forward to seeing what comes next

Said they would refoun me but havent

Bought a few sets all worked out bought a set that can't get downloaded talked to someone via email said however to make me happy agreed to refund and left out on side dirt road still have not seen my refund

Worth it

Some wicked essentials for designing tattoos. So far these have already saved me tons of time on my designs.

The best set for authentic looking flash

I don’t even know where to start with this. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve painted flash for close to ten years at this point. Picked up the brush set, messed with it over a day off, and went to work with a print of a “painting”...I had a shop full of tattooers who didn’t even realize it was done digitally. I can’t recommend this enough. Is it perfect? Well, no. Of course not. But it’s damn close. 10/10


This brush set makes an app that is already extremely user-friendly even better. It’s digital, so it’ll never be a completely perfect crossover from analog watercolor/spit shading, but this is as close as it gets. It only took about 30 minutes of messing around before I felt really comfortable pushing out some decent digital work. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who works in the digital medium wanting to try a new technique or someone wanting to crossover from traditional brush and paper.


It’s $15 and you really need it. And you will actually use it.

It’s got simple things like a terrific liner, simple shapes like triangle and square and heart, and advanced stuff. Like the many grid shapes you can use as a guide for drawing, for those who say nobody draws on Procreate. There’s also a saturation guide. Check this out: use the abbot color wheel to pick a color from your brand. Then use the stamp. Pick another color. Overlap slightly. Now you can see how they mix. As with all brush sets, it’s only as useful as you are hard working and creative. It’s not here to work for you like the reaper set, it’s here to make you efficient.


I have only had this set for 4 days now. I am so impressed with how easy it is to use! This app is fantastic! It doesn't take away the want to hand paint things still but if you want to get some painting done and don't have space to set up all your painting tools...well ...now you can! Super impressed with how well the app actually mimics spit shading watercolor! Worth every penny! I'm even showing my 2yr old how to use it! She even loves it! THIS IS A MUST BUY !!!

Not all the files are compatible with all the IPad s pro. But is really nice


I’ve loved most of the brushes I’ve gotten from Tattoo Smart, but I have to say this one came in as a big disappointment. Having purchased the original Watercolor set, I feel like this one just adds a little smudge brushes into something I already have. I don’t really feel I’ll benefit from this brush set at allZ. I’ve seen some work done with it that was incredible, and maybe I just don’t understand what each brush is meant for (I do paint traditional flash). Overall I wouldn’t recommend it if you have the other set.


perfect, high quality tools for merch designing, thank you.

Very good!

“Acquires alien technology from the future, uses it to replicate the crude look of vintage tattoo flash” Lol. It’s impressive the way the paper texture interacts with the brushes to create that look we are all chasing. I haven’t had time to do anything serious with it yet but what I have done has a great feel to it. The lining brushes and pens have a great pressure response/taper and texture... maybe the best yet out of all the sets I have. My only criticism so far is that the paper file sizes are very large and it devours my 2017 ipad pro’s battery faster than anything I have ever seen... about 10% per 7 minutes of use. I wish there were lower resolution papers included with it. That being said, the brushes look and behave beautifully in any project setting, you just don’t get the subtle quality of the paper texture interplay with the brushes. I would love to see a tutorial video on the best ways to get the most out of this set. I would love to see more sets like this in the future.


Don't like how cheap and pixellated the brushes look when you stretch them out. Looks to much like the 6b pencil wich is free. Way too expensive for what you get.


Honestly, I was skeptical at first. I thought there was no way it would look like actual Spit shading. Well, I’m now a believer. This isn’t some cheap looking toolset. It’s as close to the real thing that’s out. Thanks for putting in the work on this one guys.