Brush Set: Tattoo Elements by Alex Ellis (Procreate)

Alex Ellis

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Now Available for users of the iPad Pro! Scroll down to view the Procreate brush installation video. 

The Procreate app is quickly becoming a favorite design tool amongst tattooers who use the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Within the app, users can create their own custom brushes and share them with others. 

Alex Ellis of @ipadprotattooteam made us a fantastic set of useful tattoo design element brushes including a centipede, snake scales, tentacles, chains, loral branch, rope, and beads. As always, we encourage you to use these brushes as a time-saver in your design layout process. Change things up and add your own creativity in to keep things fresh. 

41 Procreate brushes are included in this pack:

  • Loral Branch Shaded
  • Loral Branch Solid
  • Centipede 
  • Rope Shaded
  • Rope Shaded Taper
  • Rope Outline
  • Rope Outline Taper
  • Simple Bead  
  • Simple Bead  Taper
  • Simple Bead TR Highlight  
  • Simple Bead BL Highlight  
  • Log Chain Outline
  • Log Chain Shaded 1 Taper
  • Log Chain Shaded 2 Taper
  • Fancy Chain Shaded Taper
  • Fancy Chain
  • Tear Chain Shaded
  • Tear Chain Solid Taper
  • Banner 1
  • Banner 2
  • Banner 3
  • Banner 4
  • Tree branch
  • Log Chain  Shaded 2 
  • Tentacle  1
  • Tentacle 2
  • Tentacle 2 Side
  • Tentacle Frame 1
  • Tentacle Frame 2
  • Tentacle Frame 3
  • Scales 1v1
  • Scales 1v2
  • Scales 2v1
  • Scales 2v2
  • Scales 3v1
  • Scales 3v2
  • Scale Outline 1
  • Scale Outline 2
  • Snake_Hollow
  • Snake_Frame
  • Snake_Side

Looking for even more great Procreate brushes? Check out the set we have from Brandon David.

Installing these brushes into Procreate is easy. Here's Alex Ellis to show you how it's done.

UPDATE: We have had several users report errors when following this process using the "Chrome" browser. If you are using Chrome while importing your brushes, please close that out, and open Safari instead. 


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