Brush Set: Tattoo Elements by Alex Ellis (Procreate®)

Alex Ellis

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41 Procreate® Brushes featuring Ropes, Chains, Scales, Pearls, Banners, and more for iPad Pro®

Designed by Alex Ellis of Forget Me Not Tattoo Studio (@ipadprotattooteam)

Alex Ellis meticulously crafted these brushes to push the limits of pattern brush design in Procreate. This comprehensive set contains a wide variety of brushes designed to spark creativity and simplify difficult design situations.

Think of the Tattoo Elements brushes as the first layer in your sketch process. Thousands of artists are using these digital brushes to quickly layout chains, ropes, scales, beads, and banners to make early design drafting more efficient.

Use Procreate’s Snap to Line feature for perfect patterns. Hold your Apple Pencil to the screen for a couple seconds at the end of the line to snap it perfectly straight.


PLEASE NOTE: Tattoo Smart pattern brushes made for Procreate work best in straight paths. As you draw in tight arcs and spirals, you may notice the source image disconnecting and creating a stepped or broken pattern. Use the brushes to quickly draft the initial shapes and patterns, then easily draw over the path to correct the design for individual tattoos.


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Procreate® Brush Installation

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