eBook: Mandalas by Will Bledsoe

Will Bledsoe

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Mandalas by Will Bledsoe (@will_bledsoe)

Mandalas by Will Bledsoe includes more than 145 tattoo-ready mandala, geometry, and repeating designs. These images can be easily imported into your favorite software as inspiration for custom designs, included as part of a larger composition with other geometry elements, or be used immediately as stencil-ready tattoo designs.

This eBook features dozens of variations on mandalas, as well as ornamental designs perfect for cuff, collar, or shoulder tattoos, and larger symmetrical compositions featuring skulls and insects.

In addition to the PDF format eBook, we've also included all image files in a separate folder so you can easily import them into your favorite graphics software.

eBook, PDF Format, and images Copyright 2018 Will Bledsoe

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