Brush Set: Liners & Mags by Russ Abbott (Clip Studio)

Russ Abbott

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These brushes are designed to work in Clip Studio Paint. For iPad Pro friendly needle brushes for Procreate, click here.

Prepare your designs with our digital needle brush set. If you work on a 300 dpi canvas, these brushes will precisely replicate the sizing of standard tattoo needle groupings. 

Like a 9 liner and a 3 liner? Use those exact groupings in your line drawing. Wishing you could plan out your black shading in advance? Whip shading is a breeze with our 13 mag whip shade brush. 

A wide variety of standard tattoo needle brushes are included in this set.

  • 1,3,4,5,7,9,11,14 Liners
  • 8 and 11 Round Shaders
  • 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,25,35,45 Magnums
  • 7,11,13 Magnum (Whip Shaders)
  • Stipple Brush

Note: When using the magnum brushes, the Wacom Art Pen is recommended for the most lifelike experience.  If you don't have the Art Pen, dial in your stroke "direction" in settings prior to applying whip shading. The Standard Wacom Stylus will not respond to directional changes.

A Free Clip Studio Paint brush installation video will be included with your order.

To keep the proper needle size settings intact. Do not change the brush size in brush settings. If you accidentally change the brush size, you can return to original settings by clicking the wrench icon in "Tool Properties" to open the "Sub Tool Detail" and then clicking "Reset All Settings to Default". 

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