Digital Palettes

UPDATE: We have just expanded the Digital Palettes into a complete system that works in virtually any graphics software. Our new "Swatch Map" images are carefully designed to give you an instant overview of the entire line of pigment from each ink brand in your collection. If your graphics software allows color selection with an "eyedropper" style tool, you can select your entire palette directly from the Swatch Map, If you have already purchased our Digital Palettes in the past, updates are FREE!

We believe that our Digital Palettes system has the potential to truly change your tattooing for the better. By giving artists a true and accurate representation of the actual colors they use in the tattoo process, we are empowering digital design preparation at a level that has never before been possible. We work with a wide selection of tattoo ink brands to bring you a comprehensive selection of available colors. 

Customizing your digital palette collection to match your personal ink cabinet is quite simple. Once the palettes are loaded into Adobe Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, you can easily delete swatches that you don't use and narrow down your selection to only the relevant choices. If you use multiple ink brands, you can combine the palettes together for a totally personalized palette. 

As the ink companies release new colors, we measure them and add them to the file. Updates are always free on our digital palettes so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a tool that will last indefinitely. 

Our current line up of Digital Palettes includes the complete lines of Eternal Ink, Fusion Ink, Waverly Color Co., Solid Ink, Arcane Pigments, and World Famous Ink.