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With this Tattoo Smart digital tutorial, Cassady Bell walks you step-by-step through his process for creating mind-blowing geometric designs. Created by a tattooer for tattooers,Illustrator for Geometric Design Basicand Intermediate cut through the noise of most Illustrator tutorials to get right to the techniques immediately applicable to tattoo design. No need to spend weeks learning every single feature of the program - spend a few hours letting Cassady show you the tools he finds most useful and how to utilize them to make your design work more efficient.

At the heart of this tutorial series is the drive toward precision. As Cassady repeatedly emphasizes, geometric tattoo design is only as good as its level of precision. One error, one mis-drawn line can throw an entire composition off balance. Cassady shows other tattooers how to use the tools in Illustrator to create perfectly exact designs quickly and efficiently.

InGeometric Design for Illustrator: Basic, Cassady introduces the basic functions of Illustrator and the rationale for letting Illustrator do the math for you, so to speak. He gives an overview of what Illustrator can do, how to create basic shapes, and how to use simple transform tools to manipulate those shapes. This portion of the series is perfect for anyone who has never used Illustrator or who may have some experience with the Adobe Create Suite products like Photoshop but have not yet made the jump to the more complicated, but more powerful, Illustrator program.

Cassady Bell Tattoo Smart Geometric Designs Illustrator Tattoo Tattoos Design

The second set of tutorials in the series,Geometric Design for Illustrator: Intermediate, builds on the fundamentals covered in the Basic tutorial. In this 4-part series, he introduces more complicated tools including the blend, pathfinder, clipping masks, and compound masks features. Similar to the first series, he shows you the possibilities for each tool. In the intermediate series, we begin to see much more complicated tattoo design possibilities emerge as tools open new doors for design options.

Cassady Bell Tattoo Smart Geometric Designs Illustrator Tattoo Tattoos Design


“My goal for this series is to take away some of the intimidation of Illustrator by making it accessible and applicable. I wanted tattooers to feel like the tools are within reach for creating everything from simple repeating patterns to multi-layered large-scale designs” - Cassady Bell


He starts each part of the series with a complete design, using the specific features introduced in that section to build toward the final product. In working through building each design, Cassady clearly explains the logic and rationale his Illustrator workflow and anticipates solutions to tricky design situations. Since it is a math-based vector program, occasionally Illustrator’s default settings are not applicable to geometric tattoo composition. As someone who has used Illustrator for a few years to design tattoos, Cassady is quick to point out potential pitfalls of the program and make recommendations for how to work around them.

Imagine quickly and easily creating perfect geometric tattoo designs bound only by the limits of your imagination. As with all Tattoo Smart products, this digital tutorial series puts the tools to create incredible designs within your reach. Follow along with Cassady Bell as he explains his design workflow and the specific Illustrator features he uses most often. Let Cassady teach you to use Illustrator. Where you go from there is up to you.

Cassady Bell Tattoo Smart Geometric Designs Illustrator Tattoo Tattoos Design

Geometric Designs for Illustrator: Basic and Intermediate are designed to accompany the Mac/PC-based Adobe Illustrator program and do not apply to iPad-based apps like Procreate or Illustrator Draw. Adobe Illustrator is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.

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