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Halo Jankowski

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by Halo Jankowski

Reinvent Yourself is a phenomenal overview of Adobe Photoshop techniques and processes. In this 3 Part series, you will learn how artist Halo Jankowski uses digital processes to fuel his creative vision. Using detailed examples that directly relate to the specific needs of tattooers, Halo does an excellent job of presenting clear and useful information that will undoubtedly benefit artists of all experience levels. Available for the first time as an instant stream, we've broken Halo's full-length DVD into 3 sections that can all be purchased separately and viewed from any device with a wifi connection. Start by viewing the 9 minute introduction absolutely FREE. 

PART 1: Wacom Tablet and Photoshop tools

In this section Halo discusses the benefits of using a Wacom tablet, and the features it provides. This section also provides a great overview of the vast amount of Photoshop tools.

 Halo Reinvent Yourself Part 1

PART 2: Photoshop editing and blending techniques

In this section Halo provides in depth editing and blending options. Halo also provides detailed information on how to alter images in Photoshop such as changing hues, saturation, using filters, and much much more!

 Halo Reinvent Yourself Part 2

PART 3: Digital art and the tattoo process

This section shows the process of digital painting, image altering, as well as the tattoo process. This part will show how you can take normal pictures and transform them into something completely different with ease. 

Halo Reinvent Yourself Part 3


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