Brush Set: Japanese by Russ Abbott (Procreate)

Russ Abbott

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47 Procreate Brushes featuring clouds, cherry blossoms, maple leaves, and plum blossoms. 

Designed by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@russabbott).

These brushes will import into the Procreate App only! For the Clip Studio (PC/ Mac) version of this brush set click here.

Traditional Japanese style tattoo design meets the digital age!

Russ Abbott created these Procreate brushes to enhance the process of designing traditional Japanese style tattoo backgrounds, flowers, and leaves. Although many subtle variations of style are included in the set, we invite you to customize these brushes to your personal taste, or simply use them as an underlying layer in your final design. Make no mistake about it, you're going to absolutely love how much time you save using this set!

Japanese Cloud A & B are intended to be used with black ink on a white background to quickly make smooth, stencil-ready clouds. You may like more variation in the size of the clouds, feel free to adjust the brush settings to your taste. 

Japanese Cloud C thru F are intended to be used with white ink over a dark gray or black background. We found that after much trial and error, that this was the best way to achieve the intended shading of Japanese Clouds in Procreate. Again, feel free to experiment with brush settings to customize your brushes. You can also add a "grain" to give the brushes some texture. Check your Procreate User Manual for information about customizing brushes. 

  • Japanese Cloud A
  • Japanese Cloud B
  • Japanese Cloud C
  • Japanese Cloud D
  • Japanese Cloud E
  • Japanese Cloud F

The Cherry Blossom is one of the staples of Japanese Tattoo design. Russ tried to give you a lot of variations here, but chances are, you're still going to want to draw back on top of these to customize them and make them more lifelike and unique. In addition to perfectly symmetrical blossoms, We've also included some really nice side views and a selection of single petals that you can quickly scatter randomly through your design to show the blossoms blowing in the wind. 

  • Cherry Blossom A
  • Cherry Blossom A2
  • Cherry Blossom B
  • Cherry Blossom B2
  • Cherry Blossom C
  • Cherry Blossom C2
  • Cherry Blossom D
  • Cherry Blossom D2
  • Cherry Blossom E
  • Cherry Blossom E2
  • Cherry Blossom F
  • Cherry Blossom F2
  • Cherry Blossom G
  • Cherry Blossom G2
  • Cherry Petal A
  • Cherry Petal B
  • Cherry Petal C
  • Cherry Petal D
  • Cherry Petal E
  • Cherry Side A
  • Cherry Side B
  • Cherry Side C

While not as commonly tattooed as the Cherry, the Plum Blossom is a beautiful flower which certainly deserved a place in this set. Here we've got 3 variations with slightly skewed alternates for each version. 

  • Plum Blossom A
  • Plum Blossom A2
  • Plum Blossom B
  • Plum Blossom B2
  • Plum Blossom C
  • Plum Blossom C2
  • Plum Blossom D
  • Plum Blossom D2

Russ completed this Japanese brush set with a favorite background element to showcase an Autumn scene. Three stylistic variations of the Maple Leaf are included with top and side views. Again, feel free to go back in and draw on top of these to introduce variation such as rough edges and holes through the leaves. Experiment and have fun! Soon you'll be making brushes of your own for a fully customized experience. 

  • Maple Leaf A
  • Maple Leaf A2
  • Maple Leaf A3
  • Maple Leaf B
  • Maple Leaf B2
  • Maple Leaf B3
  • Maple Leaf C
  • Maple Leaf C2
  • Maple Leaf C3

As an added bonus, Russ has included two of his favorite brushes for sketching and lining in Procreate. The "Perfect Liner" utilizes the NEW Procreate feature called "Streamline" to intuitively smooth out your lines as your draw them. While he was at it, Russ made "Perfect Sketcher" because he just couldn't find the right brush for quickly sketching that didn't get super huge when you turn the Apple Pencil on it's side. Try them both for all of your tattoo design needs, maybe you'll think they're perfect too!

  • Perfect Sketcher
  • Perfect Liner

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Installing these brushes into Procreate is easy. Here's Alex Ellis to show you how it's done.

UPDATE: We have had several users report errors when following this process using the "Chrome" browser. If you are using Chrome while importing your brushes, please close that out, and open Safari instead. 

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