Brush Set: Tattoo Elements by Brandon David (Procreate)

Brandon David

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This brush set is for iPad Pro users only. The brushes will import into the Procreate App only! Scroll down to view the Procreate brush installation video.

Designed by Brandon David of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@brandondavidtattooer).

When we first saw Brandon's brushes that he made for Clip Studio, we were impressed by the innovative and meticulous approach he takes to brush design. The cleanliness and accuracy of the images was precise down to the pixel. 

Using design elements deeply rooted in tattoo culture, he was able to create brushes that helped alleviate the mundane task of redrawing the same shape or design, over and over. Hours spent on monotonous repetition can now be used to focus on flow and composition; all of which helps with the proficiency and effectiveness of your workflow. 

Now you can enjoy many of the key brushes from Brandon's original Clip Studio set on the ever-popular app ProCreate for the iPad Pro. Procreate is an innovative application for the iPad Pro (Apple Pencil recommended) that uses a similar brush creation engine as Clip Studio, allowing the user to create custom brushes for his or her own workflow. While not having as much depth as Clip Studio, the brush creation is still very dynamic, and allows for some creative possibilities for brush design. Simply put, since Procreate doesn’t have as many settings for brush design, Brandon was only able to translate his brush set to the best of his, and the applications ability. (Procreate brushes don't provide the seamless ribbon effect used on some of the Clip Studio brushes). On the other hand, Procreate also allows for a few innovative brushes that even Clip Studio users will envy. 

Alas,  we hope you enjoy this amazing set of brushes Brandon has created for Procreate and the iPad Pro. Here at Tattoo Smart, we feel that Procreate is an amazing application and has a lot to offer for any artist. At a very low price for the app and roughly $700 for an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, an artist is able to step into the digital realm and feel the warmth of its light. 

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Installing these brushes into Procreate is easy. Here's Alex Ellis to show you how it's done.

UPDATE: We have had several users report errors when following this process using the "Chrome" browser. If you are using Chrome while importing your brushes, please close that out, and open Safari instead. 

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