eBook: The Fundamentals of Character Design by Frank La Natra

Frank La Natra

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The Fundamentals of Character Design by Frank La Natra (@franklanatra)

Frank La Natra is one of those rare talents that could've easily been scooped up by Disney or Pixar to help make the next Toy Story. Instead, he chose to focus his energy on the craft of tattooing, and we're lucky he did. Every single one of Frank's animation-influenced character designs are a study in conveying emotion, depth, and story. In an effort to share his knowledge with his peers in the tattoo community, Frank La Natra is now offering a LIVE seminar at various conventions across the USA and beyond. During this 4 hour class he details the fundamental building blocks for designing great characters.

This eBook is the visual companion to Frank's Fundamentals of Character Design workshop.  It contains most of the images and graphics that support the discussion during the LIVE class.

If you were fortunate enough to be present for one of Frank's LIVE workshops, you would be able to hear all of the great detail that a verbal discussion with Frank provides. Some day, we hope to bring you a video recording of one of those LIVE workshops so you can get the full picture that Frank is trying to convey. 

However, when we saw the fantastic illustrations that Frank had created for his Character Design seminar, we knew we had to compile them into an eBook and make it available on its own through Tattoo Smart.

Overview of eBook Content
  • Using basic shapes in 3 dimensional space
  • Sketching and gesture drawing
  • Characterizing animals from reference
  • Head studies including facial features, expressions and defining characteristics
  • Lines of action and motion
  • Strong Silhouettes
  • Giving life to your creations
eBook, PDF Format, Copyright 2017 Frank La Natra

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