eBook: Mark My Words V1 by Josh Tucker

Josh Tucker

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Lettering guide by Josh Tucker (@artoftucker)

Mark My Words Vol 1 is a 62 page guide to drawing popular hand-lettering styles for tattooing. The eBook contains a section of complete alphabets, tutorials on layout and flow, and a section of completed phrases to give you and your clients inspiration. 

Using this book alone, you will seriously improve your hand lettering game. Imagine being confident enough to draw up a customer's request in mere minutes without having to resort to standard computer fonts. 

Speaking of fonts, Josh Tucker went ahead and made a few of those too. 5 Fonts in .ttf  format are included FREE with this eBook. We tested them in Adobe Photoshop® and they work awesome!

eBook, PDF Format, Copyright 2017 Josh Tucker/ Art of Tucker

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