Digital Tutorials: Illustrator for Geometric Design (Intermediate)

Cassady Bell

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By Cassady Bell (@cassadybell)

Now available for instant streaming. 

"I've always been intimidated by Illustrator, but I know it's the best program out there for geometric design. So I was excited when Cassady Bell agreed to show us his methods. Cassady does an excellent job of explaining the software in a way that makes me, as a tattooer, understand. And the best part is, you don't even need a graphics tablet to use this software. You can do it all with a keyboard!"         -Russ Abbott Ink & Dagger Tattoo, founder of Tattoo Smart. 

Adobe Illustrator® is the primary design software used by graphic designers to create precise vector-based logos and artwork. Illustrator also happens to be very well suited for creating geometric patterns for a tattoo design.

In this 4 Part video series, Geometric tattooer Cassady Bell demonstrates the intermediate tools and techniques that he uses to create his mind-blowing, technically precise geometric tattoo designs. This series expands on the 3 videos in the BASIC series to further your understanding of the essential geometric design techniques in Illustrator®.

Part 4: Guides and Layers- Helps to organize and orient elements in your design for a faster workflow. (43 minutes)
Part 5: Blend Tool- "Blend" multiple lines or shapes and their properties together. (15 Minutes)
Part 6: Pathfinder Tool- Gives you unique options for combining, separating and manipulating shapes and paths. (13 minutes)
Part 7: Clipping Masks and Compound Paths- Allows you to mask portions of your design without permanently removing them as well as combine multiple paths. (17 minutes)
Please note: Illustrator for Geometric Design (Basic- Part 1 thru 3) is available separately. 


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