Digital Palettes: Eternal Ink

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Eternal Ink: Swatch Library & Swatch Map- Use Eternal Ink colors in ANY digital art software. 

With our Digital Palettes system, you can prepare your tattoo artwork with the exact colors you have in your tattoo ink collection. We've painstakingly scanned each color to ensure color accuracy. The colors are neatly organized by hue and value in BOTH a swatch library file AND our swatch map image.

The Swatch Map (.png image) will load into virtually any graphics software for easy color selection. This is great news for Procreate users who are unable to use .aco swatch files. 

Digital Palettes: Eternal Ink

246 Colors Total

  • Swatch Libraries (.aco swatch file) are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. Load the colors into the software's "swatches" area and easily select, organize, and paint with the colors. 
  • Swatch Maps (.png image file) are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Paintstorm Studio, Adobe Illustrator and pretty much every other decent graphics software. Select colors directly from the swatch map image, switch back to your artwork to paint with the colors. 


Our Digital Palettes system is a wonderful resource for tattoo design prep. Eliminate second-guessing and stop worrying that you aren't properly prepared. 

Photoshop Instructions: (.aco swatch library import)

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click the "Window" menu in Photoshop and locate the option labeled "Swatches". If there is not a check mark next to "Swatches" click on it to place a check mark and enable the Swatches panel.
  3. Click the tiny symbol on the upper-right corner of the Swatches panel to open the options menu. 
  4. Click "Load Swatches" or "Replace Swatches" in the options menu. If you want to keep the existing colors with your imported colors, click "Load Swatches". If you only want the imported colors to appear on the panel, click "Replace Swatches".
  5. Navigate to the file you want to import and click on it, then click "Load". The imported colors now appear on the Swatches panel
  6. In the Swatches panel options list, select the view that you prefer. We suggest "small list".
  7. Hovering near the edges of the Swatches panel will display resizing arrows so you can set the Swatches panel to your desired size.
  8. Hover over the Swatches Panel to select your desired color.

Clip Studio Paint Instructions (.aco swatch library import)

  1. Open Clip Studio Paint.
  2. Click the "Window" menu and locate the option labeled "Color Set". If there is not a check mark next to "Color Set", click on it to enable the Color Set Panel. 
  3. Click the tiny icon in the upper-left corner of the Color Set Panel and the options list will open. 
  4. Select "Import Color Set" and navigate to the Digital Palettes file you want to import. 
  5. In the Color Set Panel options list, look for "How to show" and choose your favorite display options. 
  6. Hovering near the edges of the Color Set Panel will display resizing arrows so you can set the Color Set Panel to your desired size. 
  7. Hover over the Color Set Panel to select your desired color.
Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint are trademarks of Smith Micro Software, Inc.  Adobe Photoshop is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.  Eternal Ink is a trademark of Eternal Ink, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Not so useful

It would be better if it comes as a real pallet of colors and not just an image...


It was a big kick to the side when I purchased this product. I had the idea that it would just go into my pallets like the brushes I bought. To just has a picture you save to take the colors from is a joke. I highly suggest to just give away the pallet reference page to all customers that purchased the brush sets. I totally get it, you just made extra money off some sucker, so why change it. Just know ( like it matters ) I was let down. The brushes are great, I use them daily. But if I could return the pallet I would.


I love it now I know what colors I have to use n know my pallette better

Great idea but poorly executed in procreate

I love the palette but it needs a transparent version with the names in black font. This way you can easily mask it over your existing image to compare different variations and choose the best color. It’s also possible to export color palettes as .swatch files in the newest version of procreate. I would think for the price it would include the preformatted swatch files. Users now have to eyedrop and save each color manually which is tedious and time consuming. If you just did this one time and added the swatch files to the download repository it would be way. These are fairly easy improvements to make and I believe they would greatly enhance the user experience.

Eternal ink palette

Bit awkward to use, but a great useful tool to have when creating tattoo designs.

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