Brush Set: Tattoo Elements by Brandon David (Clip Studio®)

Brandon David

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42 Clip Studio Paint® Brushes featuring rope, banners, snakes, thorns, rosary beads, and more!

Designed by Brandon David of Ink & Dagger Tattoo @brandondavidtattooer.


  • Snake: Guide
  • Snake: Guide 2
  • Snake: Guide 3
  • Snake: Guide4
  • Snake: Skeleton 1
  • Snake: Skeleton 2

This Mega-Set includes several of Brandon David's original Banner brushes as a FREE bonus. If you like these, please consider purchasing Brandon's original Banner set here.

  • Banner: Accent Lines (Over)
  • Banner: Accent Lines (Under)                                                        
  • Banner: Accent Lines Taper (Over)
  • Banner: Accent Lines Taper (Under)
  • Banner: Accent Lines: 2 (Over)
  • Banner: Accent Lines:2 (Under)
  • Banner: Accent Lines Taper: 2 (Over)
  • Banner: Accent Lines Taper:2 (Under)

Rope is a common element in a lot of tattoo styles. You will see rope on the end of an anchor, covered in beads around a young woman's neck, or around the waist of a historic soldier, grasping tightly making sure his armor is secure. These brushes allow you to work with detailed rope with out the hassle of redrawing each braid. Save time and focus more on the organic flow of the rope. 

  • Braid Rope
  • Sailor Rope
  • Rugged Sailor Rope
  • Imperial Braid Rope
  • Imperial Braid Rope: 2
  • Imperial Braid Rope: 3

Sure these segmented brushes have many different uses, but one of the many cool ones is bio-mechanical wiring and hose. Draw a crazy robot skull or mechanical gorilla and you can slap in all the cool wiring and hoses quickly and easily. Multiple variations and sizes adjusted on the fly.

  • Biomech Hose
  • Biomech Hose: 2
  • Biomech Ribbed Hose
  • Biomech Ribbed Wire
  • Biomech Wire
  • Biomech Wire: 2
  • Biomech Wire: 3

Make anything look gnarly with these crazy-ass thorn brushes. Add them to your roses, skulls, hearts, and even Jesus! Thorns pretty much make anything look bad-ass, so grab these guys and see what madness you can create. 

  • Savage Thorns
  • Savage Thorns: 2
  • Savage Thorns: 3

Simply put, jewelry and beads can be a hassle to draw. Circle-circle-circle, over and over and over. Whip those beads out in a flick of the wrist with the bead brush. Adjusting brush size to get whatever size bead the job calls for. Tiny beads for pocket watches/ dog tags or some flowing lace. Bump the brush size up, and rosary beads and larger jewelry can be drawn in a just a few minutes. Save time and once again, focus more on composition. Truly a must have for street shop or custom artists alike. 

  • Rosary Bead
  • Rosary Bead: 2
  • Rosary Bead Link
  • Rosary Bead Link: 2

Used in many different eras, the chain has always been a symbol of toughness- an unbreakable bond and a connection to someone or something. This is what has made the chain a staple in the tattoo industry for decades. Though a chain isn't very difficult to design, it can be very time-consuming repeating the links over and over. With the chain brush, you are able to draw links of chain smoothly without the hassle of repetition. We all know the struggle, and it's real. With that said, using the brush will save an immense amount of time and allow you to focus more on the flow and composition of the piece. 

  • Americana Chain
  • Americana Chain: 2
  • Americana Chain: 3
  • Blackwork Chain
  • Blackwork Chain:2

Barbed wire! Or Bob-wire depending on where ya from.  Need we say more!?

  • Classic Barbed Wire
  • Classic Thin Barbed Wire

These brushes only work in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). Clip Studio Paint is a must-have for tattoo design. There are several tutorials elsewhere on this site that will help get you up and running in the software. 

A FREE Clip Studio Paint brush installation video will be included in your order.

These brushes have been tested for use in Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Paint 5. 

Manga Studio® and Clip Studio Paint® is a registered trademark of Smith Micro Software, Inc. Wacom products are registered trademarks of Wacom.

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