Box Set: Watercolor- Tattoo Flash Toolkit (Procreate®)

Brandon David

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22 Procreate® Watercolor Tattoo Flash Brushes, Pre-sized Textured Paper, Color Swatches, Tutorial Video for iPad Pro®

Designed by Brandon David of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@brandondavidtattooer)

There was a time when tattooers were forced to be self-sufficient and resourceful to survive. As a craft, tattooing has continued to evolve through a collective sense of ingenuity and creativity. We learned to mix our own pigments, to make our own needles, and to build our own machines. In our time, many of these classic skills have been relegated to suppliers, giving us more time to focus on developing our art and design skills. 

Yet, technology and innovation continue to alter the state of tattooing, with digital design taking the lead in modern tattoo design. Representing a new frontier for tenacious tattooers to embrace, digital design tools are eliminating the constraints of traditional art media in favor of endless variety and options- opening up the possibilities in countless directions. 

“But wait”… you might be thinking. “I like the old style. I don’t want my work to look like a computer drew it. Sure, I love endlessly editing my sketches, resizing and adjusting at will… I’ve grown fond of making my line drawings on the iPad, and using all the time saved to color the whole design in before my client shows up-

But how do I make the finished artwork look… right?

Our Tattoo Flash Toolkit was carefully crafted to bring you all of the familiar tools used to create traditional watercolor flash in an easy-to-use package. It’s a complete solution that has been carefully tailored to the tattooer’s needs. Now you can make your digital tattoo flash look and feel authentic and do it all on your iPad- using our brushes, papers, and colors inside the app Procreate (sold separately).

  • 22 Procreate brushes (with bonus variant brushes) that replicate the art supplies used for painting flash.
  • Watercolor paper texture cropped to all of the common frame sizes.
  • Color swatches for authentic color palette selection.
  • User-friendly, labeled files with properly organized layers.
  • 45 minute tutorial video demonstrating the use of the toolkit in Procreate.

For complete instructions watch the accompanying videos. It's always best to save your files to iTunes, Dropbox, or iCloud for easy access from Procreate. 

Procreate® is a registered trademark of Savage Interactive. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 

Procreate® Brush Installation

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