Brush Set: Underwater Elements by Alex Ellis (Clip Studio®)

Alex Ellis

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68 Clip Studio Paint® Brushes featuring sea life and underwater scenery!

Designed by Alex Ellis of Forget Me Not Tattoo Studio (@ipadprotattooteam)

Introducing the Underwater Elements brush set by Alex Ellis, available now for Procreate® and Clip Studio Paint®. Alex’s new stamp brush set includes 68 brushes featuring:

  • Fish, Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, and more
  • Coral and Coral Reefs
  • Sea Grass and Seaweed
  • Nautical Rope Frames

These brushes create an excellent foundation for underwater scenes, allowing you to efficiently draft layout variations for the perfect composition. Like all of our stamp brush sets, these brushes are designed to compliment the workflow of any artist and be useful for projects of all sizes.

Multiple variations of elements in each category, like fish, shells, and more, are essential for any street shop tattooer’s toolkit. Alex has also included several variations of brushes with shading reference lines, making it easy to accurately shade the creatures and scenery. You can easily resize these stencil-ready stamps, creating tattoo designs in minutes for walk-in clients, or combine them to create larger tattoo compositions. Pick up the Underwater Elements by Alex Ellis brush set today and take a deep dive into the potential this set offers!

These brushes only work in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). Clip Studio Paint is a must-have for tattoo design. There are several tutorials elsewhere on this site that will help get you up and running in the software. 

A FREE Clip Studio Paint brush installation video will be included in your order.

These brushes have been tested for use in Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Paint 5. 

Manga Studio® and Clip Studio Paint® is a registered trademark of Smith Micro Software, Inc. Wacom products are registered trademarks of Wacom.

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