Brush Set: Textures by Russ Abbott (Clip Studio)

Russ Abbott

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26 Clip Studio Brushes for creating life-like smoke, bumps, ridges, craters, veins, and pock marks. 

Designed by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@russabbott)

Note: These brushes only work in Clip Studio Paint (Mac/PC). A graphics tablet such as the Wacom Cintiq is recommended. 

Many of these brushes work with shadows and highlights simultaneously! 

Clip Studio's brush creation engine is truly remarkable and Russ Abbott has been pushing it to it's limits!

Brush Set: Texture features 26 brushes that you will find incredibly enjoyable to work with. The power of these brushes comes from the unique style of source images that are loaded in. 

Each of the texture brushes creates a unique mark that feels more realistic due to the inclusion of both shadows and highlights. The texture brushes work over any color surface to quickly texturize and add a sense of detail to your work. We recommend completely rendering your piece as usual, and then going in on top of your work with these texture brushes in a separate layer so you can erase back out and adjust opacity to your liking. 

Also included are 5 realistic smoke brushes. We recommend using them with white or a light color. Play around with your stylus pressure, brush size, and the speed of your movements to achieve realistic results. 

Finally, you'll discover 3 brushes that you'll love for shading and rendering in your designs. Coquille, Soot, and Whip Shade will be your new favorites.

Tip: Try out Clip Studio's various layer modes such as "multiply" and "hard light" to achieve different effects with these brushes. Also note the settings available for adjustment in the "tool properties" window. Russ tried to anticipate the most useful settings for each brush and left those settings set to show. 

A FREE Clip Studio Paint brush installation video will be included in your order. 

These brushes have been tested for use in Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Paint 5

Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint are trademarks of Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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