Brush Set: Tentacle by Russ Abbott (Clip Studio)

Russ Abbott

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Created by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo.

Not Compatible with iPad Pro.

Our tentacle brush set features multiple variations on the octopus/ squid tentacle that are extremely useful for quickly determining the best layout for your Cephalopod tattoo design or other design project. While more detailed, fully-rendered versions of these tentacles are fully possible, our aim was to give you a simple structure that you could create on top of for your final illustration. 

This set includes:

  • Tentacle: Plotter A
  • Tentacle: Plotter B
  • Tentacle: Plotter C
  • Tentacle: Plotter D
  • Tentacle: Plotter E
  • Tentacle: Plotter F
  • Tentacle: Octo-krak A
  • Tentacle: Octo-krak B
  • Tentacle: Octo-krak C
  • Tentacle: Octo-krak D
  • Tentacle: Octo-krak E
  • Tentacle: Octo-krak F
  • Tentacle: Suckers
  • Tentacle: Suckers 3/4 L
  • Tentacle: Suckers 3/4 R
  • Tentacle: Suckers Side L
  • Tentacle: Suckers Side R

(When using the Octo-krak and Suckers brushes, click the button in the tool properties menu labeled "mix brush tips with darken" to toggle Under/Over functionality.)

A streaming brush installation video will be included in your order. Look for the video in the same area where your downloadable files will be after checkout. 

Note: These brushes are designed exclusively to work in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). They do not function in other programs. 

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