Brush Set: Special FX by Russ Abbott (Procreate®)

Russ Abbott

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22 Procreate® Brushes for watercolors, stipple texture, smoke effects, and more for iPad Pro®

Designed by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo (@russabbott)

Procreate's stock watercolor brush is terrible... Maybe that's because to a tattooer, watercolor is used in a totally different way. We believe we've covered all the bases and created a set of watercolor brushes that will be exactly what you've been looking for. 

Coquille paper, sometimes known as "stipple board" was once a very common medium for illustration work. The texture in coquille paper creates a beautiful pattern that translates nicely into print form. This set includes a soft, medium, and hard version of the coquille brushes. Aside from watercolor, coquille is the most authentic medium for creating vintage tattoo designs with a classic look. 

Smoke is a popular effect for tattoo design, and digital brushes can make designing smoke really easy and simple. The key to using these smoke brushes is to work with white on top of your existing drawing. These smoke brushes are pressure sensitive and you can get a lot of expression out of them just by varying your touch. They can also be used as erasers to remove parts of your drawing. 

The "Pepper Shade" is adjustable to a wide range of sizes and gives you the ability to achieve a tattoo mag whip and fill in solid color with the same brush. 

You will also find a few odds and ends in this set that you're sure to appreciate. There is a liner pen called "Imperfect Liner" that has a nice texture to the edges and looks more realistic than smoother liners. There is also a wonderful "colored pencil"

Stipple Liner was designed to replicate the effect of whip shading with a liner needle that is so popular these days. 

Finally, we are leaving one brush as a mystery. You'll just have to order the set to see what it does.

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Procreate® Brush Installation

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