Brush Set: Snakes by Russ Abbott (Clip Studio)

Russ Abbott

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Created by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo.

Not Compatible with iPad Pro.

Clip Studio Paint offers a robust brush creation engine that is unlike those found in other software. Tattoo Smart is excited to bring you Russ Abbott's original Snake Brush Set featuring 11 unique brushes. 

  • Snake: Scales Under
  • Snake: Scales Over
  • Snake: Plotter
  • Snake: Round Under
  • Snake: Wireframe
  • Snake: Segment Under
  • Snake: Segment Over
  • Snake: Ribs
  • Snake: Rounded Scales Under
  • Snake: Rounded Scales Over
  • Snake: Spine Shade

A FREE Clip Studio Paint brush installation video will be included in your order. 

These brushes have been tested for use in Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Paint 5

Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint are trademarks of Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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