Brush Set: Geometric by Cory Ferguson (Clip Studio®)

Cory Ferguson

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85 Clip Studio Paint® Brushes featuring geometric patterns and repeating elements

Works on iPad Pro and PC/MAC Versions of Clip Studio Paint®.

Designed by Cory Ferguson of Good Point Tattoo (@coryferguson)

Cory Ferguson created this brush set of geometric and blackwork pattern brushes that he always wished existed. These tools improve your workflow in Clip Studio Paint, with new dotwork brushes, more efficient filler pattern brushes, and variations like a Trashpolka-esque scratchy line texture brush.

Cory developed innovative Morph brushes that create a smooth density gradient from edge to edge as you draw, keeping your Apple Pencil or stylus on the screen. You can use the Morph brushes as quick background or fill pattern, or use the stencil-ready patterns in more complex designs with ease.

The repeater brushes in this set maximize Clip Studio Paint's ability to seamlessly match source images in custom repeater brushes. That means that as your lines curve or spiral, the brushes don't "break" like they do in other design software.

Many of the most common "sacred geometry" objects are included as stamps to be easily popped into your designs as well as several hexagon and diamond shape stamps, like the ones you can use to draw mountains and landscapes in.  Drawing on grids has always been a staple of geometric artwork, so Cory created special grid brushes at an extra large size so that in just a few swipes you have a full page grid you can draw over. Tip: turn the opacity down on the layer you applied your grid on and then draw over top on another layer. Included are standard square grid, 2 isometric grids and a "polar graph" grid for manually drawing mandalas.  

Most of the design brushes are variations on all the basic geometric themes like triangles and hexagons, fading halftone patterns, dots, 3D cubes, and simple linear designs that pay homage to the more primitive geometry in tattooing.

 A FREE Clip Studio Paint brush installation video will be included in your order. 

These brushes have been tested for use in Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Paint 5

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