Brush Set: Blades by Will Bledsoe

Will Bledsoe

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100+ Stamp brushes of dagger designs and components for Procreate® and Clip Studio Paint®

Designed by Will Bledsoe (@will_bledsoe).

Will created these brushes after thorough research into historic dagger and knife design across cultures. Included in Will’s brush set are both complete, stencil-ready blade stamp brushes, as well as a second set of brushes with separate components of each blade design. Use the handle of one design, the hilt of another, and a separate blade, or use one component of the design as a foundation for your own drawing. Like all Tattoo Smart stamp brush sets, these brushes are designed to compliment the workflow of any artist and be useful for projects of all sizes.

Tattoo Smart gives you the tools to speed up the process of conceptualizing and rendering time-consuming elements, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the composition of your tattoo design. The Blades by Will Bledsoe set features variations on:

Neo-traditional dagger
Medieval blades
Nordic and Scottish designs
Military weapons
Stiletto daggers
Middle Eastern styles

Get the Blades brush set today and begin exploring the possibilities this set has to offer! 

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