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While tattooing is on a hiatus and (hopefully) everyone is spending more time honing their digital skills, we want to get a peek into your digital process.

Video tutorials are an incredibly useful way to learn, but finding great tattoo design-specific videos can be a challenge. We want to crowd-source this content and build a free Tattoo Smart library where you can explore to learn new tricks or figure out a new process, send your friends when they get an iPad and want to learn Procreate, or contribute content when you master a workflow. Everyone has something to share, so we’re challenging the Tattoo Smart community to create short tutorials that answer the question:

What is something you know how to do that you think a lot of other tattooers don’t know?

Right now you’re thinking, “I have no idea what I would teach someone else.” Everyone uses digital design differently though, and at a wide range of skill levels, so it’s incredibly helpful to learn from each other. To get you started, we developed these categories that all challenge tutorial videos should fit into:


  • Everyday Practical Tips
  • Advanced Tips
  • Digital Tattoo Design & Composition
  • Digital Color & Rendering
  • Using Tattoo Smart Tools

Semi-Final Awards

Team Tattoo Smart will select up to fifty (50) tutorials for the semi-final round. Submissions may be featured on our website and social media. If your video is featured, you will receive a personalized 30% Tattoo Smart discount code that is valid for multiple uses through the end of 2020.

Grand Prize Awards

In addition, the following Grand Prizes may be awarded in each of the Five Film Festival Categories:

  • Most Creative- Show us your most creative solutions to a common puzzle that tattooers may face.
  • Most Technical- Demonstrate superior technical knowledge in the Procreate/iPad environment.
  • Most Entertaining- Make us all laugh while teaching us something useful.
  • Best Production- Execute great audio, lighting and camerawork, with strong editing.
  • Best Instructional- Take us from zero to hero with the Best in Show tutorial.

If your video tutorial is selected as a Grand Prize winner in any of our film festival categories, you will receive a $250 Tattoo Smart Gift Card!


Challenge Rules 

  • Entry Deadline is Friday, April 24 at 8pm est.
  • Create a video tutorial for tattoo design using Procreate. 
  • Keep your video-length as short as possible, no more than 5 minutes in duration.
  • Tutorials cannot contain copyrighted music (either in the background or added to the video). 
  • There must be no brand logos present in the video (this includes your clothing). Exceptions are your shop or personal logo. 
  • No offensive language or subject matter. 
  • If including voice-over or captions, use English.
  • Shoot video in a 1920x1080 horizontal format.
  • Video resolution must be either 720p or 1080p (preferred).
  • You may submit only ONE video for consideration. 
  • Click here for official challenge terms and conditions.

How to Enter the Challenge

  • Use your smartphone camera, DSLR, or Mirrorless Digital Camera to record your video.
  • Share the tutorial with us via emailing an iCloud link to  support@tattoosmart.com.

Tutorial Suggestions/Best Practices

  • The best tutorials will cover just ONE topic very clearly.
  • Remember to briefly introduce yourself in the video, such as “Hi, I’m Russ Abbott from Ink & Dagger Tattoo in Roswell, Georgia. You can find me on Instagram at @russabbott”.
  • Consider editing with voice-over and/or captions so we can understand what you’re teaching.
  • If possible, try to make your tutorial relevant to a tattoo design workflow. Show us how the idea fits into a typical tattoo design scenario.
  • Use the Apple iOS  Screen Recording feature instead of exporting a timelapse from Procreate. This will show the real time process and the Procreate interface as you’re using it.
  • People love to see your hands/Apple Pencil in the video so they can see what you’re doing. Here are some suggestions to get the best possible recording using items you may already have around the house:
    • Record your iPad screen from above for a top-down view. You could use a tripod or clamp smartphone holder to mount your camera above your iPad. For a lo-fi option, move your ironing board under a shelf and secure your phone to record the screen from a top down angle.
    • Arrange your recording close to soft daylight near a window.
    • Make sure any lighting in the room isn’t reflecting off the screen toward the camera.
    • Balance your  screen brightness evenly with the lighting in the room to ensure proper exposure and that your iPad screen is easily visible.
    • Make sure your iPad screen and phone camera are cleaned and free of dust/fingerprints.
  • Upload tips section:
    • Use a video editing app such as “iMovie” to trim and edit your video 
    • If your smartphone microphone isn’t giving you great results, consider adding text captions to your video instead using a text over video app.