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Content Submission

Tattoo Smart content creators provide brush sets, eBooks, tutorials, and other digital design products for professional tattooers. Developing content for Tattoo Smart enables you to reach an immediate audience interested in the tools and techniques of digital design.

Content creator perks

  • Tattoo Smart content creators have access to the Tattoo Smart production team for help and advice in product creation, marketing, and distribution. You create great content; Tattoo Smart supports the commercial success of that content.
  • Tattoo Smart offers a robust and thorough review process to ensure that all content published to the site will have broad appeal and will be commercially viable.
  • Tattoo Smart content creators have FREE access to all the content Tattoo Smart offers.

Making money for your work

  • Published products are announced via email to an opt-in mailing list of thousands of tattoo artists.
  • The Tattoo Smart website has thousands of pageviews per day. These consumers are specifically interested in digital tattoo design tools and products.
  • Tattoo Smart content creators receive 60% of the net revenue from the sale of their product(s).
  • Tattoo Smart offers royalty payments monthly via Paypal.

What to Submit

Tattoo Smart content is anything digital an end user can use to design tattoos. This can include, but is not limited to, 3D models, brush sets for design programs like Procreate or Clip Studio Paint, eBooks of tattoo flash or patterns, and design tutorials in PDF or video format.

    How to get started

      Submit your idea. To start the content submission process, send images of your work tosupport@tattoosmart.com with a brief description of your product. Completed product files are not necessary at this point. Please include as many images and as complete a description as necessary to give our team a good idea of what the product will be. Also include samples of your tattoo and digital artwork, including any you may have created using your proposed product.

        Review process

        • The Tattoo Smart production team will review all product idea submissions. The team may suggest modifications to the product idea or design to make the product more usable, marketable, or viable. Products may be declined if they are not aligned with Tattoo Smart’s core values, quality standards, or show limited sales potential. You will be notified via email of the results of the review, regardless of the outcome. The potential review outcomes are:
          • Acceptance: We think your product is immediately viable, pending completion. We will advise on the best way to proceed sending us the completed product once you have it finished.
          • Conditional Acceptance: We think your product has merit and we are conditionally approving it. We will ask for specific changes to be made to the product prior to full approval.
          • Decline: We do not think your product is a good fit for the Tattoo Smart platform at this time.
        • Once your product proposal submission is approved, we will expect you to complete the final product, including product files (e.g. PDFs for eBooks, .brush files for Procreate brush sets) and promotional imagery within 90 days.
        • If you have not submitted your final product files within 90 days of approval, your proposal may need to go through the review process again.

        Submitting a product

        • Once your final product is completed, you can submit all materials to Tattoo Smart via email, Dropbox, or WeTransfer. This will include a signed copy of the Tattoo Smart Content Creator Agreement which specifies financial compensation and legal responsibilities. Our production team will review your final product again to ensure comparability to the proposed product. From there, our marketing team will advise you on any collateral we may need from you as a content creator. This collateral may include promotional product images, product demonstration videos, artist portraits, brief biographies, etc., all of which will help Tattoo Smart promote your product.
        • Once final product files, requested promotional material, and a signed Agreement is completed, Tattoo Smart will develop marketing material for your product, including branded promotional images, website and email copy, etc. The Tattoo Smart team will also assess where your product will best fit within the annual launch calendar and inform you of an estimated date of launch, not to exceed 90 days after final product submission.

        Still have questions? If you have an idea for a product but you’re not sure if it would be a good fit for Tattoo Smart, have questions about the submission process, or anything else related to creating content for Tattoo Smart, emailsupport@tattoosmart.com. We look forward to working with you!