Brush Set: Minimalism by America Lee

America Lee

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130+ Stamp Brushes of the most popular simplistic tattoo designs for Procreate® and Clip Studio Paint®

Designed by America Lee (

What started as a project for Russ Abbott’s apprentice to learn Clip Studio Paint and as a study of line work and design quickly spiraled into a much larger idea. This brush set reflects months of America’s work, researching, drawing, and endlessly re-drawing these simple tattoo designs until they made a clean, cohesive set. 

Before they were Instagram-famous and Pinterest-popular, small designs were often a client’s introduction to tattoos. We have seen them become marginalized, an inside joke of sorts, and we occasionally lose sight of the appeal of a small tattoo. 

With this brush set, you can cater to your walk-in clientele with their requests immediately on hand. Better than the designs they’re coming in with on their cell phones, this brush set includes stencil-ready images that can be customized for each client.

Available with an 18”x24” art flash print ideal for display in street shops. Shipping to continental United States only at this time.

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